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flowforma PRODUCT review


''A Powerful Workfow Solution for SharePoint''

SharePoint Reviews - July 2016




FlowForma engaged with the highly respected SharePoint Reviews to provide a completely independent and neutral validation of the FlowForma Cloud Business Process Management tool for Office 365.

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FlowForma product review by SharePoint Reviews
''FlowForma is a proven and easy-to-use business process enablement tool that enables power
users to quickly create and publish workflows on SharePoint Online, ranging from simple every
day workflows to more complex workflows. 
With Microsoft offering no reccommended migration path from InfoPath, this is where FlowForma shines, with its usability and rich feature set. FlowForma also offers a migration tool that organizations can use to migrate business process steps and fields into the FlowForma system and apply business logic required."
Ron Charity,
Independent Reviewer,
SharePoint Reviews

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