Your Hospitals Guide To Going Paper Lite & Providing Better Patient Experiences

We recently interviewed 100+ decisions makers in hospitals to understand better where these organizations are on their process automation journey and to understand what process challenges they are facing.


The Impact of Paper Processes On Hospitals

Our survey illustrated that there are still far too many processes managed on paper / email / excel across hospitals, with 65% of our survey respondents telling us that 50% to 100% of their processes are still managed in this way.

Survey respondents indicated that paper processes had a negative impact on their hospital in the last 12 months, the main impacts were incorrect or missing data, poor visibility, and process inefficiencies.

When asked, what was holding these hospitals back from digitizing at scale, the most popular answer was no resources / a lack of technical skillset, with 38% stating this as the challenge.

FlowForma survey results

*Stats based on 2021 Online Healthcare Survey Commissioned by FlowForma Process Automation*

We understand that technical resources are in high demand at hospitals, which is why many hospitals and care homes empower businesspeople to lead the charge on automation, by utilizing the no code FlowForma Process Automation for rapid process digitization by the business, in a controlled environment managed by IT.

Paper Lite Initiatives

72% of respondents said that their hospital is currently working on a paper light initiative, with 35% expecting to be paper lite within 2 years, 26% hoping to be paper lite within 3 to 5 years and 9% thinking it will take 6-8 years to become paper lite.

“There is a huge amount of paper in every hospital and electronic processes won’t replace everything in the short term, but we’re chipping away at it. The results have often been spectacular” said Mark Graham, Head of IT at Beaumont, when speaking as a customer on a FlowForma webinar.

The Benefits Of Digitizing

It’s obvious from the survey respondents, that hospital decision-makers and clinicians understand the benefits of digitizing and want to accelerate their process automation plans as soon as possible.

74% of respondents are motivated to digitize in an attempt to reduce paper usage and 69% understand that they would be able to improve patient experiences, by digitizing more.

healthcare stats 2

*Stats based on 2021 Online Healthcare Survey Commissioned by FlowForma Process Automation*

“You have better outcomes when clinicians have access to digital data and are not running around looking for bits of paper to treat patients. That’s our driver,” said Mark Graham, Head of IT at Beaumont on a FlowForma customer insights webinar.

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Highlights include:

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• How to get started, use our process automation timeline to guide your organization
• Real-life healthcare ROI statistics from FlowForma customers
Top tips for process automation success in 2021


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