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Webinar Recording: Essar Oil
March 29, 2018



Webinar Recording: 'Refining On-Site Processes' with Essar Oil

Please note this webinar took place on March 29, 2018. 

We've invited Robert Macknay from Essar Oil to share with you how Essar Oil has digitized paper-based processes, resulting in benefits, impact and rate of adoption that exceeded expectations.

Robert discussed the main challenges they faced before automating processes, how they implemented FlowForma BPM and the huge benefits they are now seeing, such as:

- processes now at least 5x faster,
- better governance with full traceability
- improved audit reporting

Our product expert, Shay O'Connor, also demonstrated the no-code FlowForma BPM tool in action. 

Simply fill out the form to access this webinar. 

Fill out the form to access the webinar recording

What challenges did Essar Oil face before implementing FlowForma BPM?

  • Error prone and time-consuming paperwork and manual forms

  • Lack of transparency and governance

  • Improving visibility

  • Improving reporting by connecting information


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