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Rapid No Code Automation - As Easy & Quick As Possible

The FlowForma Process Automation Tool uniquely empowers business users who are struggling to automate processes without IT dependency or high investment. Customers are live with digital processes and self-sufficient within 4 weeks of onboarding. Organizations tell us that they can automate process at least 5 times faster using FlowForma Process Automation than compared to competitor tools. FlowForma customers are proven to save time, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

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100% no code guaranteed 

Sick of writing code or hiring expensive developers to deploy processes for you, despite other providers calling their tool 'no-code' or 'low-code'? 

No Code BPM Icon HomepageFlowFoma Process Automation requires no coding, using only simple business logic to create your forms and workflows by those who best understand the business needs. 


  Unrivaled time to value

To get you up and running quickly we'll provide all necessary support and training as part of our SureStart onboarding programwhich is tailored to fit your needs and requirements. 

There are no lengthy implementations as we cut out the need for technology partners and extensive amounts of training.

Users can also utilize a set of pre-existing, popular, process accelerators which are fully editable and customizable to ensure you get your processes automated at speed.


  Designed for the business user  

FlowForma Process Automation's ease of use makes it the ideal selection for businesses looking to empower it's business users to act as 'citizen developers', to manage existing processes and deploy new processes at scale across the business.

The FlowForma Governance solution provides an environment where citizen developers are trained quickly and can deliver solutions in record time using no-code configuration. Citizen developers deliver measurable benefits for a minimum investment of time from the business.


No hidden costs Savings Guaranteed - Gradient Background

There are no hidden costs when implementing the 
FlowForma no-code tool, just an annual fixed licence fee.

As a result, you achieve a high ROI and maximize your existing Office 365 investment, as you benefit from unlimited document generation and unlimited process flows.


  Complete processes anywhere, anytime

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Complete forms, review and approve documents and keep your business processes moving anywhere, anytime with the FlowForma Mobile App.

The mobile app allows you to input to your processes on mobile devices. Processes that you build on your desktop, using our no-code designer, become immediately available to your mobile device and to your workforce.


  Engage external users

FlowForma's Engage add-on empowers your business to enable external users such as customers, suppliers etc. to input to business processes.
FlowForma Process Automation is the only platform to enable this functionality. It is secure, efficient, accurate and safe.

It also shows your own employees that your organization is committed to operating in the most efficient way. Use cases include once off transactions like e-Vetting and ongoing processes such as artwork management.



What Our Customers Say

''We looked at Nintex and K2, from our point of view of what we were looking to do they were cost prohibitive. We didn’t feel that we would be going down the no code route and still would need a lot of influence and support from IT.

We looked at PowerApps, which again didn’t really fit the bill. Once we dived into it a bit more, it became quite evident we were going to need to have skills around accessing APIs and doing a bit of Java.

FlowForma Process Automation fit all our requirements.''

- James Morgan, IT Manager, A14 Joint Venture


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