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FlowForma in Healthcare

Productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction are always high on the agenda of any organization. Working with healthcare bodies, we understand their challenges to embrace technology, adopt new business models quickly, and do more with less.

FlowForma Process Automation is proven to help healthcare bodies rapidly build-out their online processes, resulting in increased visibility, productivity and efficiency.

Our Healthcare Customers include:
FlowForma BPM - Healthcare workflow customers


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How Healthcare Bodies Add Value with FlowForma 

  Automating Nurse Revalidation  

With the move towards nurse and midwife revalidation in the UK, many of FlowForma’s healthcare customers are using FlowForma Process Automation to manage this process and easily output reports. FlowForma Process Automation facilitates both Nurses and Midwifes to track their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) every three years when applying for revalidation.


  Simplifying Performance Appraisal  

Performance appraisal is a time consuming and tedious process in most sectors, but in healthcare this is often amplified given the size of these organizations and the complexities of contracts. A number of hospitals are utilizing FlowForma workflow to accelerate this process and provide clear visibility of status, bottlenecks etc. to Heads of HR.

   Read how the NHS do this

  IT/Finance Form Automation and Collaboration  

Numerous hospitals and care homes have deployed FlowForma workflow to overcome their challenges with paper based forms. By using FlowForma Process Automation to turn these paper based processes into online processes, these healthcare bodies are experiencing increased productivity and collaboration across multiple departments.


  Meeting Regulatory Compliance - ACTS  

FlowForma Process Automation is enabling a number of UK based hospitals to satisfy Parliamentary Questions and internal investigations by providing a database of clinician activity to enable reporting by clinician, client and activity type. The tool rapidly meets regulatory requirements while providing central management and ownership of the process.



Some Sample Use Cases

  • Performance appraisal
  • Nurse revalidation
  • Occupational health management 
  • Self assessment
  • Medical decision making
  • Appointment booking
  • Claims management
  • Clinical trials
  • Patient on boarding
  • Incident management

Why Healthcare Bodies Choose FlowForma

  • It aids paper process elimination
  • It empowers business experts to build their own processes
  • It follows LEAN principles
  • It provides complete process visibility and highlights bottlenecks
  • It enables cross departmental knowledge sharingin
  • It is a no-code, logic only tool
  • It is a 3-in-1 toolkit, with forms, workflow and document generation
  • It is a cost-effective solution
  • It maximizes existing SharePoint investments
  • It is available on both Office 36536 and Azure

Customer Feedback

''We set out to keep things simple not just for users but also for the hospital's HR personnel running the appraisal systems. The FlowForma Process Automation solution was pivotal; the key to simplicity both for us and for our hospital customers.''

Shaun Wilde, Director, Think Associates Re NHS Projects

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