Procore Now Seamlessly Integrates With FlowForma's Intelligent Workflow Tool

FlowForma®, the leading provider of Process Automation tools for Microsoft Office 365®, has developed a powerful new integration to construction management software Procore. This new integration further support customers in the construction sector, helping to maximize ROI for construction firms in both Procore solutions and the award-winning FlowForma Process Automation tool.

With the ever-increasing demand from construction firms to operate as efficiently as possible, keep overheads low, and stay ultra-competitive, the need for highly efficient digitized processes talking to multiple systems has become strategically imperative for construction firms racing to digitize at scale. Through FlowForma Process Automation’s latest integration, construction organizations can optimize their current investment of Procore with additional power and flexibility to help effectively manage, and streamline, common construction business tasks and processes.

FlowForma Process Automation’s integration into the Procore platform, combined with its flexible workflow and document handling features, delivers a system that is customized to the way you work, using your procedures and your resources to maximum efficiency. For example, construction companies can customize their submittals process. In this example creating a new submittal in Procore can trigger a custom FlowForma process to involve all internal and external stakeholders in the review, approval, and amendment of draft submittal documents. Once all revisions are done and approved, FlowForma Process Automation updates the final draft back into Procore to allow the process to complete.

FlowForma recently surveyed 100 key construction decision makers in the United States to understand how their organizations are developing and executing strategies and tactics to achieve more orderly, productive, and profitable outcomes with the automation of business processes. As per recent research suggests, 88% of respondents say the seamless integration of multiple systems is very important or absolutely required to the success of workflow projects. Additionally, more than 60% of construction managers say that, if their companies were to onboard workflow tools to increase operational efficiencies and experiences, the systems they would most like these tools to integrate with are project management software, document management software, and CRM systems.

Gerard Newman, Chief Technology Officer, FlowForma commented; “At FlowForma we are constantly working on ways to develop our product further and enhance the user experience for our customer base. Providing easy to use, pre-built integration into applications such as Procore makes it easier for construction companies to automate their processes at scale, drive efficiency, and connect multiple systems. As the number of applications in use in construction companies continues to grow, we will continue to provide ‘out of the box’ no code integration to our construction customers.”

Gerard Newman, Chief Technology Officer, FlowForma
Gerard Newman, Chief Technology Officer, FlowForma

FlowForma integration features can also be connected to an array of other construction solutions covering different areas of operations, for example:

  • Viewpoint Spectrum
  • Autodesk BIM 360
  • QuickBooks
  • Aconex
  • And many more…

Procore customers can quickly benefit from the FlowForma Process Automation tool’s 3-in-1 product features (forms, workflow, and doc gen), which is widely praised by construction firms for its easy adoption, BIM compliance support, and rapid time to value. Businesspeople love using the tool because it’s intuitive, contains free accelerator templates and doesn’t require any coding or IT skills to digitize processes.

Construction companies are encouraged to ‘see for themselves’ at the BIM Coordinators Summit 2022 on September 8th, at FlowForma’s complimentary interactive breakfast briefing in New York City on September 13th, or to explore the FlowForma Construction Accelerator via a free trial.

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