FlowForma’s Winning Streak Continues With Multiple ‘High Performer’ Awards In G2 Spring 2022 Grid®

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FlowForma®, the leading provider of Process Automation tools for Microsoft Office 365®, has been recognized across multiple categories as a ‘High Performer’ and a ‘Momentum Leader’ in G2’s Spring 2022 Grid® Reports, thanks to its award-winning FlowForma Process Automation tool.

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G2 evaluated all the BPM (Business Process Management) software companies on its platform in its 2022 Spring Grid® Report and FlowForma earned the 'High Performer' award in this category. The award of 'High Performer' is reserved for the highest customer-rated products on G2. This means that FlowForma Process Automation is one of the highest-rated BPM solutions based on reviews written by its users. FlowForma was also recognized with this title across the Rapid Application Development (RAD), Mid-Market BPM Category, Mid-Market No Code Development Platforms, and Mid-Market Rapid Application Development (RAD) categories, further emphasizing its status as an industry leader.

Furthermore, G2’s Momentum Grid shows the growth trajectory that products have had in their respective spaces over the past 12 months. The grid identifies products that are on a high-growth trajectory based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence. FlowForma Process Automation has been recognized as a ‘Momentum Leader’ in this category due to its increased growth trajectory over the past year.

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FlowForma Badges In G2 Spring 2022 Grid®

FlowForma’s 100% no code tool is empowering businesspeople to digitize business processes at speed and at scale within organizations across all industries. Combining forms, workflow, and document generation – with little IT support required, the 3-in-1 FlowForma Process Automation tool is a proven solution to improve processes, and ultimately deliver better ROI than its competitors. FlowForma customers are live with digital processes within four weeks of onboarding and are typically seeing significant ROI stats in less than six weeks – significantly faster than other competitors.

Gary Mellows, Head of Delivery & Customer Success, FlowForma
Gary Mellows, Head of Delivery & Customer Success, FlowForma

“We are delighted to receive so many accolades from G2, and more pertinently from our customer-base, for the continued work and effort of staff to improve and enhance our process automation solution for all its users. Everybody knows G2 as a website that businesses trust. To see FlowForma Process Automation claiming so many awards and ranking highly in each of its relevant categories is a testament to our great customers, which without them, would not be possible. We appreciate their kind feedback and their willingness to continue evangelizing our tool,” said Gary Mellows, Head of Delivery & Customer Success at FlowForma.

FlowForma’s recognition in these categories is thanks to the feedback posted by verified FlowForma users of the FlowForma Process Automation tool on the G2 website:

“FlowForma allows us to extend the functionality of our own products to meet client-specific requirements. We can achieve this quickly using FlowForma's No-Code Rapid Development environment.” - 5/5 Stars, Darrell H.

“The FlowForma Process Automation tool has been tested multiple times against similar solutions and beats everything hands down. IT has given us the ability to create solutions that help us work safer, more efficiently, and plan and communicate better with our sub-contractors and designers.” - 5/5 Stars.

“We have been able to implement process automation at pace. As a result of its UI and usability, we have been able to increase our speed and improve the quality of what we do.” - 5/5 Stars, Kerry-Anne P.

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