FlowForma Is Recognized by Forrester as a DPA-Wide Vendor

Source: FlowForma

FlowForma®, the leading provider of Process Automation tools for Microsoft Office 365®, has been recognized by Forrester Research Inc. as one of the forty-one Rapid-App-Delivery Providers identified in its latest report, ‘Now Tech: Rapid App Delivery, Q1 2019’.

With Rapid-App-Delivery platforms becoming a vital component when driving digital transformation, most initiatives are mis-managed and can be shelved due to software-delivery barriers. Opening the software strategy to be DPA-wide and using low-code platforms, enables these barriers to be broken.

As digital forward companies combine the benefits of both low-code software and digital process automation products for application development and delivery (AD&D) pros, in 2018 Forrester created the new platform segment known as DPA-wide. Forrester describe this as “Platforms that provide low-code features to deliver digital process applications with strong process-modelling capabilities and the ability create and manage complex, long-running processes.”

Low-code and DPA-wide platforms are part of an overall pursuit from AD&D technologies as they look to provide users with the tools necessary to create and build software quicker and easier. As a result, the FlowForma Process Automation tool has been recognized in this report as having the primary functionality segments of a DPA-wide vendor.

The report provides readers with an understanding of each of the forty-one vendors across the landscape by revenue size, functionality, global presence, and vertical market focus. Forrester maintain that rapid-app-delivery platforms are vital to an organizations overall digital transformation project. They recommend that AD&D pros should add a low-code solution and/or a DPA-wide development platform to your software portfolio, as low-code and DPA-wide development platforms can help to continue the growth of software output.

"We are delighted to once again be included in a report conducted by the research experts at Forrester. We believe our positioning in the DPA-wide segment in this most recent report, is a clear illustration of the continued development our product has undergone over the past year, as we continue to realize a digital world for the people by the people," commented Olivia Bushe, Chief Marketing Officer, FlowForma.

FlowForma is known for its no-code business logic only methodology, empowering business users to automate and streamline their internal business processes with little IT skills required.

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