Embracing Change: FlowForma's Transition Beyond the Add-in Model

Source: FlowForma

In 2015, Microsoft introduced the SharePoint Add-in model, enabling third-party applications like FlowForma Process Automation to safely operate within your SharePoint Online environment. In November 2023, Microsoft announced that the SharePoint Add-in model is set to be retired by April 2026.

FlowForma’s Commitment to Seamless Transitions

FlowForma anticipated the retirement and has worked since January 2023 on porting our product onto a new architecture that does not use the SharePoint Add-in model. The new product architecture uses the latest recommendations from Microsoft, ensuring ongoing support well beyond the retirement of the SharePoint Add-in model.

The updated FlowForma Process Automation tool will be available for general release in November 2024.

What Does This Mean for Our Esteemed FlowForma Customers?

  • New Clients: Starting from November 2024, all new FlowForma clients will utilize our upgraded product that doesn't utilize the SharePoint Add-in model.

  • Existing Clients: Existing clients are given a window from November 2024 to April 2026 to migrate to the upgraded FlowForma product. During this period, we will release specific tools and procedures to ensure migration is a quick and seamless exercise.

Contact Details

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