Easily Reuse Data Across Multiple Processes

FlowForma Simplify empowers you to easily reuse data across multiple processes in your organization, by simply creating business entities based on the process flows that you create. Data that you define in your process can be used to define a ‘client’, for example, and that ‘client’ data can be accessed from any other process.

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Sample Use Case

Customer Relations – You can easily define a flow to onboard a new customer, by creating a customer entity with FlowForma Simplify. The customer data will be saved automatically when each new customer is onboarded. You can then re-use the customer entity in process definitions for feedback, complaints, contracts, order processing and more. Having the same data in each process improves efficiency by pre-populating the customer details into the form whenever a customer is selected. It also facilitates linking the forms together, so that you can see a holistic view of all activities for each customer.

The same approach can be taken with any set of processes that revolve around a similar set of data. For example, each supplier that you work with has a name, primary contact etc. Define a supplier entity and use that whenever you define a supplier related process, such as capital expenditure requests, purchase order processing etc.

How it Works

FlowForma Simplify takes away the need for coding when interacting with a database.

When you define an entity using FlowForma Simplify, it creates a table to store that entity for you. This is done in the background, without the need for the process owner to understand how a database works. They just use the familiar Flow Designer tool to create a process, with its related data, and then use that data to define the entity.

You can then look up entities using no code questions and business rules… and these can be placed in any process!


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FlowForma BPM - no code business automation tool

The Main Benefit - Centralized Data

The power of FlowForma Simplify is that you can gather data into a common data model across the entire organization. For example, no longer is the finance data located in a silo in the finance system, it's now part of the organizations common data model. That data can now be combined with HR and customer data, that can now be reused by any other team and used to produce in-depth organization wide reports.  


Simplifying Form Creation & Reporting 

Olivia Bushe circle-690264-edited

Olivia Bushe

CEO, FlowForma

"We know how important gathering data is to an organization, we also know, not every organization has a database admin team to pull data from each system in a central reporting database.

It’s no longer acceptable for organizations to have to copy/duplicate data into various systems. This is why FlowForma Simplify is powerful but simple to use for Process Owners, a Process Owner knows what core data they need to capture at a process level. FlowForma Simplify empowers them to drive a common data model across the organization.

Want to know more? I recommend getting a demo from one of our product experts."

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