How Abingdon & Witney College Saved Time And Money With Process Automation

Webinar Recording:
Abingdon & Witney College



Webinar Recording: 'How Abingdon & Witney College Saved Time and Money With Process Automation'

Please note this webinar took place on 17th October 2019. 

In this webinar our process experts and our customer Abingdon & Witney College, give real world insights into how this college has brought business efficiencies to an educational environment with process automation.

In this webinar you will learn how this college overcame paper-based bottlenecks with a no code process automation tool.

You will also hear examples of the business processes automated by Abingdon & Witney College, such as accident and incident reporting, expenses claims and a complex trips and visits process. Viewers will also learn how Abingdon & Witney College has developed a business improvement committee, targeting processes that can save the college significant time and money.

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Some Webinar Highlights:

  • Learn how Abingdon & Witney employees prioritized processes for automation across their Finance, HR, and Payroll departments.

  • Discover how Abingdon & Witney employees are saving days by automating processes (simple and complex) using the no code FlowForma process automation tool.

  • Hear how this educational institution realized tangible benefits quickly from automating processes such as trips and visits, student update forms etc.

  • Learn how this college saved 5,000 hours from automating just a handful of processes.

  • See a short demo of the FlowForma Process Automation tool in action.




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