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What Are You Doing Now To Prepare For The New Normal?

There’s a new urgency to remove the use of paper, digitize your processes, and get ahead of your competitors to quickly adapt, reshape and accommodate during this period of rapid change. 

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Covid-19 has swept the globe. Business life has changed for the foreseeable future. The virus is something that is out of our control, however, we do have some control over how to mitigate its impact. Our customers are already in the position to utilize FlowForma Process Automation to further remove paper from the workplace, reducing the risk to employees and customers of interacting with contaminated paper.


COVID-19 HOW iconOur customers include hospitals, pharmaceutical producers, medicine distributors, construction firms and many others whose newest processes include staff re-mobilization, GP referrals, care-home referrals, project restart plus an abundance of HR and authorization processes. These processes either never existed or were solely paper-based before the pandemic. We have been working with our clients to ensure that their initiatives to stay efficient and safe by digitizing, meaning their business doesn’t miss a beat, whether staff are on-site or working remotely. Customers and/or patients can also engage in their digital processes using the same platform.

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Digitization Is Easier Than You Think

Have you held on to paper for too long?

If you're worried about empty offices, broken processes and untouched paperwork, we're here to help you. Digitization is easier than you think, you just need to have the right tools.

Browse this webpage for advice on preparing for the 'new normal', setting a digital standard and access to process templates.

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How We Are Helping Some Of Our Customers

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TOUCH Community



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FlowForma Process Automation helps TOUCH Community Services optimize their processes to support their work in the community without the burden of high costs or complexity.  
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic TOUCH Community Services has used the FlowForma Process Automation tool to fast-track a much needed paperless Emergency Aid process that has empowered them to quickly give assistance where needed.

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sports organization
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Sporting Body


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Sporting Body

A sporting organization uses FlowForma Process Automation to present a public eVetting form where individuals apply to coach minors. The application form is processed internally and sent to the police force so that the individual can be vetted in compliance with government legislation.
Sporting organizations can allow Government access to the eVetting process with FlowForma Engage, allowing external individuals to be vetted during COVID-19.

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Large Hospital


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Large Hospital

FlowForma Process Automation helps large hospitals reduce administrative tasks and empowers healthcare workers spend more time on what they do best – serving their patients. 
Our Healthcare workers are on the front-line now more than ever, at FlowForma we've helped hospitals remove paper patient forms, reducing the internal spread of the virus in hospitals, so healthcare workers can concentrate on the health and safety of themselves and their patients.

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Building Firm


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Building Firm

FlowForma Process Automation removes the dependency of paper-based processes across large construction sites and allows for collaboration across a distributed workforce.
As construction projects across the world restart their projects, the FlowForma Process Automation tool empowers construction organization to prepare for the new normal, project restarts and for when staff need to be re-mobilized on site.

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Pre Return To Work

Pre Return To Work

Enable your organization to comply with regulation on returning staff to work. This template is founded on government guidelines.

Staff Re-moblization

Staff Re-mobilization

When your organization returns to the 'New Normal' re-onboarding processes will need to take place for those who may have been on furlough.

Response Plan

Response Plan

Your organization may need a response plan to address implications as a result of COVID-19. This templates can help you guide, support and develop initiatives in respect of COVID-19.

Project Restarts

Project Restarts

This processes template gives your organization visibility and approval for project restarts.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

Our organization continuity planning template will allow your business to recover and enable operations with a checklist of preparatory actions in responding to COVID-19.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

This process accelerator will enable your organization to identify, assess, evaluate and monitor risk during periods of rapid change.

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Set Your Digital Standard

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Olivia Bushe

CEO, FlowForma

"Covid-19 is currently posing a huge challenge for organizations everywhere.

Not only are the associated social distancing and self-isolating measures impacting home, leisure and workplaces they have also dramatically impacted organizations in many ways and there is a new urgency to enable effective working from home and agility for times of crisis, by becoming a truly digitized company.

If what were once inefficient processes, are now broken processes – we can help you bring these processes back online.

Speak to us today about setting a new digital standard."

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