Non-Profit Organization Build Online Processes With FlowForma

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FlowForma®, the leading provider of Process Automation tools for Microsoft Office 365®, today announced that Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG) are bringing their corporate, paper-based processes online, using the FlowForma Process Automation tool.

CCG is an independent not-for-profit organization registered and regulated by the Welsh Government. Responsible for the management and maintenance of properties, they have invested £137 million over the past six years to achieve the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) for more than 6,300 homes. As part of CCG’s housing stock, they have 400 sheltered units for older and more vulnerable individuals.

With a background in software and an awareness of the huge benefits of low code development Geraint Vernon, Business Systems Support Manager at CCG, recommended that transforming the organizations internal paper-based business processes using such technologies, would be highly beneficial to CCG. Benefits would include processes being fully auditable, fit in with CCG’s agile working policy and require less time/effort to be completed and processed by staff. The ability to easily report on areas such as absence costs and mileage expenses would change the current focus from report creation to proactively responding to the data. With such organizational benefits identified, Geraint went about searching for a solution that best suited CCG.

Whilst searching online for a process automation solution, Geraint came across FlowForma and noticed their process automation tool had won several Microsoft awards, so he signed up for a trial. FlowForma Process Automation’s ability to be implemented within CCGs Office 365 cloud tenancy and it’s no code approach to Business Process Management (BPM) development was perfect. The next step was to build out a PoC (proof of concept) within the demo site for the Leave of Absence and Expenses processes using their now dedicated BPM developer, Alun Hughes. This was quickly completed and presented to various process owners and senior managers who were all very impressed.

Alun Hughes, Business Systems Developer & Geraint Vernon, (2)

Alun Hughes, Business Systems Developer (left) &

Geraint Vernon, Business Systems Support Manager (right),

Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd

After scoring above all its competitors in terms of ease and speed of development, re-useable elements and with friendly support throughout from the FlowForma team during their trial period, they had come to a unanimous decision. “The technical support we received from the FlowForma team made us feel important, whereas with other vendors it was essentially non-existent,” said Geraint. A re-engineered and transformed Leave of Absence and Expenses processes are currently being developed by Alun Hughes, Business Systems Developer. CCG also plan to develop solutions in FlowForma Process Automation for many other CCG corporate processes over the coming year, such as Staff Time Recording and the processing of New Starters and Leavers.

“CCG are another example of an organization looking to reach a paperless office by bringing their corporate processes online. The decision to eradicate paper-based processes internally and embrace digital transformation, will ultimately provide CCG with new found efficiencies and transparencies throughout,” said Neil Young, Chief Executive Officer, FlowForma.

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