FlowForma Applauded by SharePoint Reviews

Source: FlowForma Press Release

FlowForma, the leading provider of BPM tools for Microsoft Office 365®, today published an independent product validation report by SharePoint Reviews, the world’s largest SharePoint and resource directory.

The review of the FlowForma's Process Automation  was produced by the highly respected Ron Charity, an Enterprise Architect who has worked in consulting for over 20 years and been involved with SharePoint since its 2001 beta.

In the review entitled ‘FlowForma – A Powerful Workflow Solution for SharePoint’, Ron Charity shares his experience of using the product over a five day period, focusing on the installation process, his first impressions, the product interface, as well as the training and support provided with the FlowForma BPM tool for Office 365. After using the products key features and experiencing its functionality, his review applauds the FlowForma tool for its no code, simply logic approach and its intuitiveness.

From customer feedback and user testing, we’ve always known our product was an intuitive tool, enabling process owners to rapidly digitise business processes. This independent assessment by SharePoint Reviews confirms and reinforces this message and is testament to the fact that the product was built from inception with end users in mind. We have an R&D team and roadmap committed to ensuring a user friendly experience,” said Luke Kennedy, CTO, FlowForma.   


Pic: Luke Kennedy, CTO, FlowForma

The report labels FlowForma as the ideal solution for those migrating from InfoPath, who want high usability, a rich feature set and the power to automate processes quickly, no matter what the complexity, while maximising existing investments in SharePoint and Office 365.

For those with InfoPath, FlowForma has a migration tool which organisations can use to migrate business process steps and fields into the FlowForma system and apply the required business logic.” explains the product review.

In his report, the reviewer also highlights the products rapid installation, impressive workflow designer, InfoPath migration tool, Software Development Kit (SDK), built-in business process accelerators and consistent user experience across devices. 

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