FlowForma Enriches Its No Code Offering With New Features

Source: FlowForma

FlowForma®, the leading provider of enterprise-class, no code Process Automation tools for Microsoft Office® 365, today launched several new product features to further empower businesspeople to rapidly digitize business processes with speed and agility.

As paperless and hybrid offices continue to become the norm, the importance of collaboration and customer experiences is now at an all-time high. No code digitization tools, and forward-thinking automation solutions have become highly coveted by organizations who want to rapidly digitize at scale, to serve remote workers and drive operational efficiencies.

Focused on delivering measurable efficiency improvements, FlowForma enables businesspeople/citizen developers to digitize processes using its award winning FlowForma Process Automation tool. The tool empowers organizations to rapidly automate and digitize paper/manual processes with minimal IT assistance, by deploying its 100% no code 3-in-1 integrated forms, workflow, and document generation tool.

FlowForma Process Automation is fast to implement (weeks not months) and is easy to adopt due to its unique business logic design, with features that extend to easily manage large scale deployments using a structured approach to the governance of business-driven automation and digitization.

Embracing a ‘test as you learn’ approach, its latest product features further enhance the citizen developer to automate business processes with added ease and flexibility.

  • A way of automatically validating the work carried out on a process; the latest Process Validator feature has been designed to speed up testing, as the testing is completing as you go to detect errors and/or breaks across the entire workflow, ensuring new levels of productivity and visibility for users to identify flaws or faults. The feature will result in errors highlighted instantly and gives additional assurance that each process is tested and rectified.

  • The Process Assistant feature has been added to give users additional support during the building of their digital business processes. Brought inside the Flow Designer tool, this new feature will give users assistance within each step and business rule with a full breakdown of what it is and how it works, offering help directly related to the task a businessperson is working on.

  • The new Process Building Blocks feature allows users to re-use steps designed and created in a previously built digital process in FlowForma Process Automation. As a result, Approval processes can be recycled and used repetitively to save significant time for users, making digitizing at scale easier for organizations.

FlowForma Process Automation is a sustainable, proven, and trusted solution to remove manual and inefficient paper processes, resulting in immediate savings in time, money, and precious trees spared. FlowForma customers are experiencing rapid ROI from the time of deployment, benefiting from maximizing their existing investment in Office 365 and innovating faster and more resilient as a result.

Olivia Bushe, Chief Executive Officer

Olivia Bushe, Chief Executive Officer, FlowForma

Olivia Bushe, FlowForma CEO, commented: "We are delighted to have added extra functionality to customers who use our 100% no code process automation tool. Having been first to market with such a tool, our R&D team are committed to enhancing our no code features to make our tool an even more robust and reliable solution for the citizen developer to deploy digital business processes. Ease of use and rapid adoption are made even easier with this product release and fully equip businesspeople with all the tools to create a paper-less and transparent organization."

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