FlowForma IT Change Management Webinar Recording

On the 7th of October FlowForma hosted a webinar on how to efficiently manage change in organisations.

For your convenience a recording of the webinar is available for viewing below. 



Webinar Overview

Gartner indicates that 80% of downtime is a result of poor change management. With large organisations clocking anything up to 87 hours of downtime per year.

This unplanned downtime can have a number of costly ramifications from revenue and productivity losses, to repair costs and reputation building. Alarming statistics, yet a lot of organisations worry if they can afford the overhead of managing this process. Our reaction is they can't afford not to have a change process in place!

View the Webinar Recording to:

  • Gain deeper insight into what ITIL change management means and best practice

  • Realise the risk of poor change management

  • Understand the challenges to change management and how to overcome these

  • See a demonstration of FlowForma, as an effective and flexible solution to change management


Full screen viewing recommended.

Our ITIL Change Management Expert Speakers

Eileen Fitzgerald, ITIL Expert, Ergo

Eileen Fitzgerald, ITIL Expert, Ergo
Over 20 years' experience working in corporate and enterprise organisations within the IT sector, Eileen is an expert in delivering successfully adopted, enterprise focused solutions within a highly competitive landscape. An expert in ITIL best practice, Eileen brings a wealth of knowledge to change management conversations.

Stephen Oxley, ITIL Change expert, Ergo

Stephen Oxley, ITSM Service Process Owner, Ergo
Certified in ITIL and a member of the itSMF committee, Stephen has been working in IT for over 20 years. Experienced in implementing lean processes to improve business performance and having held head of change management roles, Stephen is perfectly placed to advise customers on change management best practice.

Shay O'Connor, Head of Solutions, FlowForma

Shay O'Connor, Head of Solutions, FlowForma
Over 20 years' experience in IT consulting and business development roles, Shay currently holds the position of Head of Solutions in FlowForma. His consultative approach and expert knowledge of business processes enables Shay to understand customer challenges and to present back effective solutions using the FlowForma product. 

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