FlowForma Celebrated In BPM.com First Impression Report 2019

Source: FlowForma

FlowForma®, the leading provider of Process Automation tools for Microsoft Office 365®, is delighted to be acclaimed by BPM.com for its award-winning FlowForma Process Automation tool in the BPM.com First Impression report.

BPM.com is a leading online resource for process professionals and practitioners for the latest news and research in the area of Business Process Management (BPM). Having built up a user group of 100,000 over the past decade, BPM.com is now a significant documentation and content hub to assist professionals when looking to embrace digital transformation.

Organizations utilize independent reports from process experts such as BPM.com on their quest to select a digital solution to automate daily tasks. Business Process Management or process automation platforms such as the FlowForma Process Automation tool have come to the fore in recent years, empowering organizations to automate processes all while saving time and money.

BPM.com Editor-in-Chief, Nathaniel Palmer, recently undertook a comprehensive demonstration of the no-code FlowForma Process Automation tool, to gain an in-depth insight into its functionality and capabilities. Nathaniel is regarded as one of the most influential thought leaders in the Business Process Management world. “What immediately caught our attention about FlowForma Process Automation is that it’s far more data-driven than alternative tools in this space,” commented Palmer.

Sitting on top of the familiar SharePoint platform, the FlowForma Process Automation tool’s easy to use interface makes it ideal for businesspeople to create and complete processes, depending on the business needs that they know best, removing the dependency on IT to administer.

When discussing the technical aspects and the benefits available to FlowForma Process Automation users in the BPM.com First Impressions report, Palmer added, “FlowForma Process Automation delivers no-code simplicity without imposing technical debt. This is enabled by both the breadth of capabilities of its no-code design environment, and the inherent governance features it offers.”

With over 150,000 users worldwide, the FlowForma Process Automation tool is fast becoming a favoured choice for organizations across all industries.

Olivia Bushe, Chief Marketing Officer
Olivia Bushe
Chief Executive Officer,

Independent reports from process experts such as BPM.com further emphasize our commitment to providing FlowForma customers with an intuitive and user-friendly experience, to digitize their paper-based business processes. Regular customer feedback allows us to add additional functionality to our product roadmap which helps us to evolve along with our customers,” commented Olivia Bushe, Chief Executive Officer, FlowForma.

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