Recognized as Top 10 Construction Tech Solution Provider 2021/22

Source: FlowForma

FlowForma®, the leading provider of Process Automation tools for Microsoft Office 365®, has been recognized by MYTECHMAG as one of the ‘Top 10 Construction Tech Solution Providers 2021’ in its latest construction focused edition, December 2021 – January 2022. FlowForma’s 100% no code process automation tool has been selected due to its ability to empower citizen developers to digitize processes 5 times faster than alternative tools, gain rapid adoption, and deliver proven ROI within 12 weeks.

The demand for Digital Process Automation solutions among construction companies continues to soar, as organizations look to new technologies to operate as efficiently as possible, keep overheads low and stay ultra-competitive. Process automation is now a strategic imperative, with construction firms racing to digitize at scale. Agile automation is the new norm, and businesspeople are the superpower to ensure rapid and agile automation.

FlowForma Process Automation_LOGOFlowForma is leading the way, serving construction firms and multi-million infrastructure projects across the globe. Its 100% no code, 3-in-1 solution of forms, workflow, and document generation is revolutionizing the construction industry. The highly intuitive tool is empowering organizations across the sector to get their back office in shape, reduce administration, and use on-site resources more effectively.

With only a few days of training required, businesspeople can automate processes, in an environment safely governed by IT. The use cases are limitless, from onboarding and material requisitions to contractor management, and risk assessments.

The flexibility of FlowForma Process Automation allows both simple and complex construction processes to be seamlessly automated, involving sequential or parallel steps. Connected processes can run on multiple sites, serving numerous resource pools. Once a process template is defined, the process can be executed repeatedly. Its mobile app further facilitates users to complete tasks and input process data on the go, even without mobile connectivity.

“Our customers are focused on digitizing for outcomes, most automate over 50 processes per year and they’re saving at least 700 hours on repetitive tasks alone. Remote sites, joint ventures and multiple suppliers are a breeding ground for fractured processes that make it hard to be efficient and compliant with regulatory requirements,” commented Olivia Bushe, Chief Executive Officer, FlowForma.

Furthermore, FlowForma has recently been listed as a corporate partner with the Construction Industry Federation of Ireland (CIF), to continue its support of construction companies across Ireland with transforming their business processes. The strategic partnership allows CIF members, the largest construction membership in Ireland, to easily procure the FlowForma Process Automation tool and receive up to date information on all things digital process automation and digital transformation for future growth and development.

FlowForma has also launched an exciting Construction Accelerator which offers users a variety of ready-to-use, fully editable, process templates for digitizing common construction processes such as Field Change Request, Concrete Pre-Pour Check Sheet, Labour Requisition, Materials Requisition, Hot Work Permit, Safety Observation, and more.

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