FlowForma to Reveal Next-Gen Forms with Dynamic Progress Insights

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FlowForma, a leading provider of intuitive Digital Process Automation software and solutions, today announces an impending upgrade to its platform, introducing an array of innovative features designed to transform user experience and streamline workflow efficiency. The new release focuses on enhancing FlowForma Forms, introducing an all-new Process Tracker, and revolutionizing the way users interact with and manage processes.

Key highlights of the forms upgrade due for gradual release from April 2024 include:

1. New Process Tracker:

A new Process Tracker has been introduced, replacing the original Step Bar. This innovative addition provides process participants with an immediate overview of their current process step and in-depth insights into the overall process progression.

Those participating in the process can leave notes for each other, encouraging better collaboration and communication. Users can quickly jump to various steps, with any issues prominently highlighted for immediate attention. Due dates will be visible on pass back, providing users with important timeline information. A succinct summary of process progress is provided, delivering users the information they need to know to get updated and prepared to move forward.

2. Mobile-Friendly Enhancements:Phone App

The next-gen forms work as well on mobile as they do on desktop, with responsive features to ensure the best experience on mobile devices. This improved mobile responsiveness ensures a seamless user experience.


3. Feedback Feature:

A dedicated feedback feature empowers process participants to provide ideas for continuous improvement. Options for leaving feedback include messages, emails, and a designer dashboard that displays user feedback for ongoing enhancements.

4. Modern Look and Feel:

The forms now boast a more modern aesthetic with an improved layout, for an even more intuitive experience.

Despite these visual upgrades, the core functionalities of the forms remain consistent, ensuring users can seamlessly transition to the new interface.

5. Technical Advancements:

The upgraded forms leverage cutting-edge technology, ensuring an even faster performance. The platform maintains familiarity for current users while incorporating new technology to boost overall efficiency.

“As FlowForma continues to revolutionize process automation, this release marks a significant leap forward in user-centric design, functionality, and overall efficiency. We are excited to support our existing users in transitioning to the next-gen forms over the coming months, while welcoming our new customers onto this extremely intuitive forms upgrade,” said Gerard Newman, Chief Technical Officer at FlowForma.

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 - Gerard Newman, Chief Technology Officer, FlowForma.


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