A Strong Case for Process Automation! (Case Study)

Working in the world of Marketing and storytelling, when I see a compelling story about a customer deriving amazing value from our FlowForma® BPM product, I just love to share it with our community!

Step forward McKinley Irvin...

A large divorce and family law firm, McKinley Irvin, have been providing legal support to the people of the US Northwest for more than two decades. Worrying about email approvals and vast amounts of paperwork, should be the last thing on their minds!


What were their Business Process Challenges?

In times passed, McKinley Irvin were finding their payment approval system and employee onboarding processes difficult to manage, with these tasks increasingly time-consuming. A period of fast growth and a new recruitment drive only increased the decision to find an automated solution.

In such a paper-intensive industry, freeing up the brain time of their paralegals and attorneys was of critical importance to McKinley Irvin. Finding the right solution to reduce the amount of paper-based processes, which also had the ability to speed up email approval requests was the ultimate goal.

What Happened next?

Dustin Ray, Business Analyst, McKinley Irvin, noticed that the company already had Microsoft SharePoint® but was barely using it. He thought a modern alternative that was compatible with SharePoint would be a good fit for the organization. When he came across FlowForma BPM he was immediately impressed with the results!

The easy to use no code interface meant that Ray could easily train himself with the help of the FlowForma team. Soon enough he was building and managing his own online processes!

"It had a robust set of features and required no coding skills, so that was an advantage. For an analyst role like mine, I needed something that would be relatively easy to step into where I could start learning immediately." said Ray.

FlowForma BPM successfully transformed McKinley Irvin's time-consuming paper-based process into an easy to manage, transparent workflow. With two processes already automated and reaping benefits (payment approval system and employee onboarding), the company has many more processes for automation in the pipeline!

I recommend you download this case study to:

  • Learn how McKinley Irvin deployed FlowForma BPM for Microsoft Office 365® as their business process automation solution
  • Realise how FlowForma BPM transformed this legal practice, with a super-efficient alternative to paperwork and email requests
  • Discover how McKinley Irvin benefited from automating processes such as payment approval and employee onboarding

Want to find out more? Download our McKinley Irvin case study.


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Paul Stone, Product Evangelist

With almost 30 years’ experience in the IT industry Paul is a highly accomplished digital leader who is the go-to product expert from both a business and technical perspective. Paul works closely with FlowForma’s global clients supporting them in the delivery of FlowForma’s Process Automation tool.

Paul Stone, Product Evangelist

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