How Automating Your First Process Creates A Culture Of Continuous Improvement

What if digitizing one process could transform your entire organization? It sounds like the stuff of fairy tales, but with no code automation solutions, it is possible. And we have the evidence to prove it.

In this blog, we explore how an investment in no code process automation can bring about immediate ROI and produce massive cost savings, as well as bring about a culture of innovation and continuous process improvement across the wider business. Now that’s transformative.

What Is No Code - And What Isn't It?

Many organizations are investing in low code automation tools to speed up digital transformation projects and remove the burden on busy IT teams. There is a promise implied by these solutions that just about anyone in your organization can use these tools.

Unfortunately, it’s rarely that easy. Many low code solutions require some coding knowledge and developer resources to build out any process beyond a few simple steps. Yet there are genuine no code process automation solutions out there that do deliver on the promise of no code.

There is a simple difference between no code solutions and low code solutions, and you can probably guess what it is. In our recent eBook on this topic, 'An Innovator’s Guide To No Code Digitization And Improvement ', we outlined three rules for defining no code.

  • Rule one: Low code tools are not no code tools.

  • Rule two: “Low code/no code tools” are also not no code tools.

  • Rule three: No code means no code. If non-developers can automate complex processes without a single line of code, then that’s no code.

Why No Code Is The Key To Continuous Process Improvement

No code process automation tools give businesses the ability to foster a culture where process innovation happens fast and involves everyone in the organization. There are two aspects at play:

  • Ease of use
  • Speed of automation

This is what allows for automation to start small and grow quickly. Democratizing innovation allows employees to drive the digital change they think will be most useful to them.

FlowForma Digitize 5X Faster Icon Pink & Purple GradientNo code tools bring together sophisticated software and easy-to-use UI, which allow non-developer employees to innovate quickly and easily. With no code tools, you can achieve quick wins, gain immediate ROI, and give anyone in the organization the ability to automate processes. Crucially, with no code tools like FlowForma Process Automation, you won’t ever need a single line of code.

The Evidence For Process Automation Solutions

What better way to demonstrate the effectiveness of no code process automation than to hear from the people who have implemented it at their own businesses. Here’s what some of FlowForma’s customers say about how it transformed their organization.

Karl Henderson copyWe chose FlowForma Process Automation mainly because of its speed – we only need to build once; no coding skills are required, and it integrates seamlessly with other systems. I love that anyone can be trained up to create powerful process solutions with the FlowForma tool. The solution we built in four weeks with PowerApps, we created in one week with FlowForma Process Automation!"

Karl Henderson,
Digital Engineering Lead,
Downer Group

Carolynne Circle (1) (1) (1) copyThe digital workflow built with FlowForma Process Automation has helped bring automation into the recruitment onboarding process, taking what was a giant excel spreadsheet with endless data entry that had outgrown its capabilities and combined it into a process flow that is very intuitive to use. The business logic built into FlowForma will save time and increase data integrity because the information is only touched once. My team is very excited to have this digital workflow solution in place! I love the idea that though HR led the way, that this would spread its wings. ROI started to get sprinkled right through."

~Carolynne Herron,
Director of Corporate Services,
Morgan Construction

That’s what our customers think, but if you want to see the stats, here's what the benefits of a no code process automation tool like FlowForma look like in numbers:

  • Save >$80,000 per significant process
  • Digitize 50+ processes a year
  • Deploy processes 60% faster
  • Save over 6,000 admin hours per year
  • Deliver a 16% carbon footprint reduction

Embrace Continuous Process Improvement Today

FlowForma Process Automation is an enterprise-class, no code process automation tool. Organizations in every industry use FlowForma Process Automation to improve business processes, engage their wider teams in automation, and unlock the potential of digital transformation. No code is a no-brainer. Gain immediate ROI and see the impact on the bottom line. And as Carolynne goes on to say in her testimonial:

"Be curious, take a trial, and discover actually how simple it is to digitize processes… once processes are digitized, you have a well-oiled machine."

To learn more about developing a culture of continuous process improvement with process automation solutions like FlowForma read our eBook or get in contact with the team at FlowForma today and take a free 14-day trial.

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Shay O'Connor, Head of Solutions

Shay O'Connor is the Head of Solutions at FlowForma. With over 25 years' experience in the technology sector and a drive for innovation Shay is one of our FlowForma Product Experts.

Shay O'Connor, Head of Solutions

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