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Our construction management workflow software automates manual tasks across the full construction project lifecycle from pre-construction to post-build. Our tool has been designed with a simple and intuitive user experience for construction businesspeople, supported by IT. One of the key reasons why construction firms choose FlowForma is because it’s a no-code tool. This means that you don’t need any prior IT skills to automate construction processes.

Our 3-in-1 (forms, workflow and doc gen) process automation tool supports BIM compliance, contains free construction accelerator templates and is the fastest route to value for your construction project automation.

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Process Automation In Construction  

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Work Smarter, Faster And Meet Your Project Challenges Head-on

Manual Processes Cause Delays

Whether your project is civil or building construction, manual processes are slowing your project productivity and profitability. Manual processes can slow communications, cause delays and lead to reporting errors.

Put simply, FlowForma is your fastest route to transition cumbersome manual processes to streamlined automated processes and workflows. With ROI from digitizing processes achieved within 6-weeks, your project can drive rapid and tangible business outcomes at scale.

  Manual Reporting Errors 

Manual processes are not only slow but are also prone to error. Handwriting can vary in quality, and it can be a cumbersome task to transcribe paper notes to digital. Data recorded manually is not always immediately available, which can lead to project delays and communication issues.

FlowForma Process Automation is designed to empower remote workers, by bringing manual processes and reporting online via our Mobile App. Our customers prevent project delays and have access to rich, real-time data via the FlowForma App.

  Overruns Can Impact Your Project Success

Whether you’re working on a large civil infrastructure project or home building project, project overruns can impact your reputation and project profit margin.

FlowForma users avoid project overruns as they have access to up-to-the-minute project data, giving them the ability to react quickly and solve issues immediately. Therefore, our construction software helps to deliver ROI across the lifecycle of a construction project. 

  Communcating With Suppliers/Contractors

Construction sites are often located in challenging environments to communicate with staff, suppliers and contractors.

We recognize this challenge and have developed FlowForma Engage to help construction firms empower external users to participate in business processes, driving better customer experiences.

  Perceived Lack Of Digital Skills

Construction firms we speak to say that a lack of skills is preventing them from moving their manual processes online. This shouldn’t be a barrier to process automation. 

FlowForma Process Automation has been designed for rapid adoption across construction firms. Its intuitive no code platform requires minimal training and offers premium support to empower users to drive their digitalization.


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9 Construction Process Accelerators

Our Construction Process Accelerator consists of 9 popular construction process templates, ready for customers to adapt and deploy with speed. These fully customizable and accessible process accelerators include:

1.Materials Requisition

This pre-built template will allow you to digitally authorize, request and record materials or components to and from your construction site, ensuring an accurate record of material inventory or to determine materials used on various projects.

Materials Requisition

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2.Concrete Pre-Pour

This digital pour check sheet template allows you to input information such as concrete mix quantity and quality, reinforcement actions and weather conditions in preparation for laying the concrete foundations.

Concrete Pre-Pour Check Sheet

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3.Recording Of Issues

Our pre-built templates contain a feature that allows users to upload an image via a device, such as mobile phone or tablet, and import the image into a process where the user can then highlight a specific area for assessment or review. 

Annotate Images

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Other Construction Process Accelerators 

  • 4.Field Change Request

  • 5.Safety Observation Report

  • 6.QA Checksheet
  • 7.Monthly Project Control Meeting
  • 8.Hot Works Permit
  • 9.Labor Requisition

Automating Construction Projects Workflows Is Your Fastest Route to ROI

FlowForma customers that transition their manual processes to fully-automated workflows benefit from increased levels of productivity, improved efficiency, more accurate data and cost savings.

Discover even more reasons to choose FlowForma as your process automation partner below:

Rapid Adoption Icon

Rapid Adoption
Weeks to ROI

Processes Digitized In Weeks Not Months

ROI Within 6 Weeks Of Onboarding
5x Faster Than Any Other Solution

5x Faster Than Any Other Tool
Mobile access everywhere

Mobile Processes Accessible Anywhere & Anytime
Process Accelerator Icon

Free Construction Process Accelerators
Improve data and visibility

Improved Data Quality & Visibility 
Improve productivity

Improve Productivity On-Site
Cross-departmental approach

Cross-Departmental Approach
5 Star Reviews

Award-Winning 5 Star Support

Experience Rapid ROI

  • Save >$80,000 per significant process 
  • Deliver a 16% carbon footprint reduction
  • Digitize 50+ processes a year 
  • Save over 6,000 admin hours a year

Book a demonstration with one of our process experts, to discover our Construction Process Accelerator, with built-in digital process templates for rapid adoption and ROI.

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Customer Feedback

"In the past year we have saved at least 700 hours on repetitive tasks alone thanks to the FlowForma Process Automation tool."

- Lampros Arvanitis, BIM Manager, CVB Tideway East

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