The Benefits Of No Code

Organizations today are doubling-down on digital transformation. The opportunity is to adopt technologies and workflow that speed the pace of business, eliminate process inefficiencies, and provide a level of customer experience that creates competitive advantage. Despite these advantages, however, many organizations struggle to translate the notion of “digital transformation” into practical steps forward. 

While digital transformation may seem like it’s all about the technology, in reality, the challenge is often more strategic; connecting the dots between people, process, and innovation - here's how you can do it:

No Code Enablement

A ‘no code’ approach is one way to accelerate digital transformation. Since process owners and business units are enabled to innovate with minimal (or no) support from IT or outside programming, it’s a powerful tool for pent-up change agents. No code enables a higher level of organizational contribution by users than ever before, leading to an increased influence on organizational performance and a higher level of C-Level support

The ROI Of No Code

No code platforms cut application development time, encourage innovation and creativity, and empower improvements in critical areas like information agility, customer service, and process efficiency. Here are a few areas to consider as you calculate the ROI of a no code approach.

Better experience for customers:
Even in the technology age, it’s all about customer experience. A no code approach unleashes digital-first workflows that make a difference in providing superior service and performance.

Innovation and Resilience:
The ability provided by no code to amplify innovation, be first to market, and establish more agile service is a distinct competitive advantage.

No code supports, and encourages, a variety of process automation capabilities, often in areas that all organizations have like HR, finance, or new account onboarding.

Automation of large-scale enterprise processes and workflows should perhaps be done by professional developers, but many firms use no code to automate smaller workflows that drive efficiency optimization across key business activities every day.

But how do you achieve the fastest ROI? The answer: with the fastest tool on the market. FlowForma Process Automation has been identified as a tool that delivers ROI significantly faster than it's competitors in the G2 2021 Fall report, read the full article here.

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Best Practices 

How can you capture the benefits of no code digitization quickly and begin to build a competitive advantage? Consider these three best practices as a place to start.

Build a business case:
Support for your strategy is absolutely essential, so a good business case is a must-have for executive buy-in and decision-making. Answer the essential questions: How much will it cost? How much will we save? How long until we see a profit? And be sure to put your business case in writing.

Appoint a champion:
Appointing a champion of your no-code efforts will help ensure that you have the funding and resources you need. Your champion must clearly understand what is needed in order to be successful; your job is to communicate the resources that you need, the barriers that stand in your way, and the people that must be enlisted to make your project a success.

Assemble a cross-functional team:
A ‘centre of competency’ approach is one enabling factor for success. The role of this team is to ensure that the improvements used successfully in one area are replicated across the enterprise. The right mix of stakeholders and experts ensures that your no-code digitalization and automation efforts are successful.

Customer Use Case: AON

One good example of no-code in action is insurance giant Aon. Their goal was to customize workflows and replace legacy processes with automated processes that save time and money. Different business units worked using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and paperwork making process improvement difficult. Enter no-code. Aon chose to work with FlowForma and their no-code process automation platform to improve business process efficiency and advance its digital transformation strategy. A heavy user of SharePoint, Aon was looking for an integrated application that could build processes within the Microsoft platform.

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Aon automated common processes starting with an HR onboarding system. Another was designed to ensure GDPR requests are tracked and recorded accurately. An insurer amendments process and an insurance vetting system for contractors were also developed.

Moving Forward

Despite the advantages, many organizations have yet to adopt no-code. But that sentiment is changing quickly as organizations realize the tremendous potential and opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over their slower moving competitors and bring about specific bottom-line improvements in organizational performance. Look for providers and partners with the right mix of expertise, capability, and vision in order to make the most of your efforts.

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Paul Stone, Product Evangelist

With almost 30 years’ experience in the IT industry Paul is a highly accomplished digital leader who is the go-to product expert from both a business and technical perspective. Paul works closely with FlowForma’s global clients supporting them in the delivery of FlowForma’s Process Automation tool.

Paul Stone, Product Evangelist

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