[Case Study] Mitigating Risk and Driving Process Transformation

'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again'.... 

That was the attitude adopted by William McCann, IT Manager, Grant Thornton who had previously seen unsatisfactory attempts to improve workflow across his organization.

Being one of the largest professional services firms in Ireland, with around 1,400 employees between seven offices nationwide, Grant Thornton were searching for a digital solution to automate and streamline their internal business processes.

Just like any other large organization, paperwork bottlenecks had become a problem when looking to achieving sign off at a particular stage in a process. Employees were spending a vast amount of time daily completing time consuming, manual paper forms whilst also relying on Excel spreadsheets and email threads.

Reaping Rewards

Having agreed to implement the no code FlowForma Process Automation tool across the organization, William soon went about automating the firm's Job Appraisals paper trail. He instead replaced it with one single seamless workflow to include trainees, managers and administrators in one transparent flow

Upon seeing it's success he then brought a Client Acceptance process online which is used to mitigate risks when on-boarding new clients, providing checks and balances such as clearances around anti-money laundering and internal business conflicts. Run by the company’s Risk Compliance and Professional Standards department, it has transformed governance around a business critical procedure.

Additionally, a process around Data Access Requests was a timely solution for the firm. New GDPR legislation requirements were imposed which empower people to have full disclosure of the personal information that companies retain about them.

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Easing The Pain

To date, the business have transformed eight processes internally throughout the firm, with an estimated efficiency improvement of at least 60% than the previous paper based processes they used. In particular, the Client Acceptance and Data Access flows have brought a new transparency that the organizations Risk department can stand over.

The response has been very positive from the business, according to William. “As with any new software there’s a mindset change for people, but it helps that they can see tangible benefits straight away. The more processes I’ve automated, the more business sees the benefits and the more they want to use it.”

FlowForma Process Automation's single repository has also been a significant benefit for Grant Thornton. It provided a base for quicker and more accurate reporting around day-to-day processes, which was a key influence in relieving the bottlenecks the firm previously suffered from.

One of Many

Grant Thornton are only one example of a business who have successfully transformed their business process using the award winning no code FlowForma Process Automation tool. Download our recent customer success eBook to learn how other organizations across various sectors have kick started their digital transformation journey, and how employees have become process heroes in doing so!

Arrange a call with one of our product experts to learn more about process automation and how it can drive your digital transformation project. Alternatively, you can take a free 30 day trial today, no credit - card no commitment!

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Paul Stone, Product Evangelist

With almost 30 years’ experience in the IT industry Paul is a highly accomplished digital leader who is the go-to product expert from both a business and technical perspective. Paul works closely with FlowForma’s global clients supporting them in the delivery of FlowForma’s Process Automation tool.

Paul Stone, Product Evangelist

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