The Willingness To ‘Engage’ With Your Processes

"The times they are a changin’" –  the musician Bob Dylan famously once wrote.

How we interact, how we communicate, how we live and work, they are all changing. We must find new ways to do a lot of the things that have been done the same way for years. The trick is to find and adapt to those new ways as soon as possible – don’t sit back and lament the fact that everything has changed – we need to adjust.

When you look at how you interact and communicate with customers and suppliers or any group not within your organization, there's a high chance that it needs to change.

We now need to be smarter because those groups that you are now dealing directly with, who are outside your organization, won’t accept the old way if it’s using paper. It’s not enough just to digitize the manual process in the workplace, it needs to be extended to your customers and suppliers.

Adapt Or Be Left Behind

The Willingness to ‘Engage’ - Adapt Or Be Left BehindFlowForma customers are availing of this exact functionality with our FlowForma Engage offering. They can include external people either securely (authenticating via Google/Facebook/Microsoft) or anonymously in their digital processes.

No coding required. FlowForma Process Automation is the only platform to enable this in such a straightforward manner. It shows even your own employees that you are committed to operating in the most efficient way. It is secure, efficient, accurate and safe.

Everyone’s time is valuable so give the people that you deal with the opportunity to be directly involved in processes by simply clicking on a link and completing their task in the process in their own time and by using dynamic forms that adjust automatically depending on the choices made. The up shot to the business is immense – data accuracy, visibility of status of work, time savedremote working to a set standard.

Think about onboarding a new client to your organization, where they are updating the same process as your employees. Everything is done efficiently and the client knows they are dealing with a cutting-edge operation that is future proofing their business. Everyone is happy and it can be up and running in days not months.

"The times are not a changin’" – they have changed! Adapt or be left behind.

Why Digitization Is No Longer An Option

Why Digitization Is No Longer An OptionDownload our latest whitepaper to find out why change is no longer about keeping pace but staying afloat, as businesses acclimatize to a new work-from-home culture brought on due to COVID-19. You will also learn how to empower collaboration through digital process automation and embrace a changing work culture, by eliminating paper-based processes.

Learn more about our FlowForma Engage tool to discover how this tool enables external parties such as suppliers, customers, contractors/subcontractors and external stakeholders (including the general public) to input directly into your business processes.

Alternatively, you can reach out to one of our product experts for a more in-depth discussion about our range of remote collaboration bundles.

Visit Our Engage Page Download Whitepaper

Shay O'Connor, Head of Solutions

Shay O'Connor is the Head of Solutions at FlowForma. With over 25 years' experience in the technology sector and a drive for innovation Shay is one of our FlowForma Product Experts.

Shay O'Connor, Head of Solutions

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