'Why FlowForma?' - From A Partner's Perspective

Have you ever wondered why our partners choose FlowForma for their clients? 

As Head of Solutions at FlowForma, I work very closely with all our partners. We have asked one of our oldest partners, Cloud2, why they choose to use FlowForma, both within their own business and for their many clients across the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Director of Cloud2, Simon Hudson, gave us his thoughts:


“We have danced around the edges of workflow and electronic forms for many years. We know our clients need better business processes leading to business productivity and transformation. We've helped in the development of hundreds of InfoPath forms and workflows and repeatedly looked at the technologies in the market to make this easier. Previous approaches had been frustrating: inflexible, costly, insufficiently capable or end of life.

Simon Hudson Cloud2 FlowForma Partner

Only when we started working with FlowForma were we confident that we had found a technology platform that provided the flexibility needed to support the often-poorly-defined business processes and the rapidly changing business needs of organisations in the real world.

Equally as important, in FlowForma we found a partner that shares our desire to make things better for our clients, who understands the challenges of automating a spectrum of processes (from strategic to tactical and ad hoc) and are able to innovate against this

Meanwhile, Microsoft themselves haven’t been entirely idle either. They have had a few half-hearted stabs at producing a successor to InfoPath and to make their workflow engine more accessible (building these in Designer was never very straightforward), without much success. 

However, as part of the recent release cycle Microsoft announced Microsoft Flow, as a preview technology. We have had a look at Flow and it has much to commend it – it’s simple, comes with a wide range of connectors to a variety of online platforms, including Office 365, Trello, Facebook etc., and can integrate with Power Apps and other technologies. 

Our take on Microsoft Flow is that it is very useful, effectively bringing the 1 step simplicity of IFTTT (If This Then That) to the Microsoft stack and beyond. However, it lacks all the advanced features of a full workflow solution and has no user interface, i.e. there are no forms. It's brilliant automating simple, one shot activities and we're really looking forward to using it within SharePoint and the wider Office 365 platform.

Even better, it looks like we can integrate it with FlowForma workflows, with the former providing some of the simple triggering and connections as well as simple interaction with external systems such as Facebook etc., while FlowForma takes care of all the heavy lifting, user interface, sophisticated business logic etc. 

We are great believers in having a toolbox, not a single tool, so this complimentary approach sits very well with us. Our partnership with FlowForma, at last, lets us fulfil our vision for business transformation, in the cloud, on mobile devices and in the more traditional workplace

We work with FlowForma because they develop technology that solves today's real-world problems and because they care about their partners and their clients.” 

About Cloud2

Cloud2 is a specialist enterprise Intranet and Business Intelligence (BI) provider to organisations across the UK and Europe. Their market leading business solutions Hadron 8020 and Meson-BI, combined with a unique project methodology, enables organisations to develop greater insight of their operating environment. The result: reduced operational costs, increased productivity, and greater business foresight. Their success is built on the ability to develop close, long-term relationships with their clients, and their determination to provide frank, honest advice and guidance based on their sector experience, technical skills and passion for helping their clients succeed. FlowForma are thrilled to partner with an organisation so aligned to our own corporate values. 

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Shay O'Connor, Head of Solutions

Shay O'Connor is the Head of Solutions at FlowForma. With over 25 years' experience in the technology sector and a drive for innovation Shay is one of our FlowForma Product Experts.

Shay O'Connor, Head of Solutions

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