Virtual Construction Workshop

We invite you to take part in our upcoming virtual workshop where you will see a construction process built out live in less than an hour.

December 8, 2022



Virtual Workshop: Digitize A Construction Process In 1 Hour

Date: December 8, 2022 @ 4 pm GMT / 11 am EST
Duration: 1 hour

We invite those in the construction industry to take part in an exclusive interactive workshop where FlowForma's CEO, Olivia Bushe and Pre-Sales Consultant, David Shanley will digitize a construction process of your choice in less than 1 hour using the FlowForma Process Automation tool.

Join this workshop to:

  • Share your current process challenges with our experts and receive advice and tips

  • Discover how to engage external parties and stakeholders into your business processes

  • See a construction process of the audiences choice digitized in under 1 hour

  • Get exclusive access to the FlowForma Construction Trial Environment including the process built during the live workshop and additional process accelerators

  • Learn how easy FlowForma Process Automation can be integrated with your existing systems

Attendees are encouraged to vote for the construction process they would like to see automated and to share any process challenges when registering.

You can choose from any of the below processes: 

  • Permit To Dig
  • New Joiner
  • Hot Works Permit
  • Incident Management


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Meet Your Hosts             

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Olivia Bushe
CEO, FlowForma

Olivia is CEO at FlowForma, spending the last number of years leading and overseeing all aspects of the marketing department, influencing FlowForma's roadmap with marketing driven innovation. Olivia is passionate about revolutionizing the traditional BPM space through an innovative no code approach.

David Shanley circle


David Shanley
Pre-Sales Consultant, FlowForma

David is a highly accomplished IT professional who has significant experience in providing clients in the construction sector with analysis, design, and implementation of business development solutions to help firms automate and streamline their business processes.





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