FlowForma & Pontem Innovations To Support BPM in Canada & North US

Source: FlowForma

FlowForma®, the leading provider of Process Automation tools for Microsoft Office® 365, today announced an exciting new partnership with Pontem Innovations, to deliver the award-winning FlowForma Process Automation tool to organizations in Canada and the greater North American region.

With increased challenges for business leaders in today’s world due to disconnected and complex data, Pontem Innovations helps clients to make informed decisions by automating reporting and identifying gaps in an organization’s workflow and data management. To further strengthen their process automation offerings, Pontem Innovations sought the services of the FlowForma Process Automation tool as a solution for its clients to automate processes with speed and agility.

The FlowForma Process Automation’s unique 100% no-code capabilities were a considerable factor for Pontem Innovations, as they wanted a powerful tool which could be easily onboarded and quickly rolled out across organizations. The tool’s 3-in-1 toolset combining forms, workflow, and document generation together in a single product enables business users to quickly deploy digital processes for better remote working, customer experiences and compliance.

Utilizing the familiar SharePoint platform as a repository for data and sitting on top of Office 365, FlowForma Process Automation also tied in with Pontem Innovations preferred system and platform solutions, with the potential to maximize their clients existing investment in Microsoft software. As they look to add to their ever-increasing portfolio of successful process automation projects, Pontem Innovations knew that facilitating a powerful no-code process automation tool for their client base was imperative to add to their list of services.

The partnership comes as FlowForma continues to see a steady increase in demand for its digital process automation solutions across Canada. From the outset, it was clear that both FlowForma and Pontem Innovations service similar industries such as Construction, Energy & Engineering, Education, Financial Services and more, making the partnership an easy decision.

“We are delighted to be working alongside FlowForma to bring process automation to our clients across Canada and North America, to digitize their business processes, and ensure they have all the tools available to them in their digital transformation endeavours. It’s clear that FlowForma and our business share a similar passion to transform processes to be more efficient, so the decision to partner up with them was easy!” said Cameron Fox, Process Solutions, Pontem Innovations.

Olivia Bushe, CEO, FlowForma added: “We are pleased to announce this strategic partnership with Pontem Innovations for the Canada and North America area. The opportunities in this region excite me, and I’m sure we can assist and support organizations across all industries to digitize their business processes to enhance remote working and productivity, during what is a difficult time for businesses in this current climate.”

Olivia Bushe, Chief Executive Officer, FlowForma
Olivia Bushe, CEO, FlowForma

About Pontem Innovations

Pontem Innovations helps organizations make sense of their data and build a competitive advantage using analytics and process automation. This approach ensures that leaders will have timely, accurate, and digestible information available to them to assess performance and make strategic decisions. They assist clients to bridge data and strategy by integrating subject matter expertise in operations, accounting, and computer science with new technologies to arm businesses with clear, actionable insights linked to business objectives.

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