FlowForma in Professional Services

Working with professional services bodies from accountancy and legal firms to insurance providers, we understand their challenges such as meeting client expectations, innovating quicker and complying with increasing regulation.

FlowForma Process Automation is proven to help professional services organizations to automate processes by enabling their process owners to build out workflows rapidly without the need for coding, no matter what the complexity.

Watch the adjoining video to understand how McKinley Irvin use FlowForma Process automation to accelerate their processes.

Our Professional Services Customers Include:
FlowForma - Online BPM Customers

How Professional Services Bodies Add Value with FlowForma Process Automation

  Effective Client Engagement  

FlowForma Process Automation enables legal, insurance and accountancy bodies to add structure and visibility to its client engagement process. Using this workflow tool, professional services firms can quickly build out their client engagement process workflow online, securely capturing important information, generating engagement letters and storing key documentation in relevant folders.


  Seamless Contracts Management  

Professional Services organizations are using FlowForma Process Automation to efficiently manage contract creation and execution. Often a tedious and paper based activity, innovative companies use workflow to bring this process online, ensuring timelines are met, while reducing administrative activities and controlling human error with document creation included as a step in the workflow.

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  Efficient Employee Onboarding  

An everyday process across large professional service bodies, we’re often surprised how many companies don’t have their employee onboarding process automated. Our clients who utilize FlowForma workflow for their onboarding process are benefiting from clear structure and responsibilities, with new hires becoming empowered with tools/systems in an efficient manner.

   Watch how McKinley Irvin do this

  Accelerate the Innovation Process  

FlowForma Process Automation helps legal, insurance and accountancy bodies to put an automated and formal innovation structure in place, managing the process from idea generation, all the way through to launch. Realizing that innovation does not happen in isolation, customers are using FlowForma BPM to enable collaboration with cross departments, suppliers and partners. 

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Some Sample Use Cases

  • Contracts management
  • Client onboarding
  • Client engagement
  • Insurance renewals
  • Claims management
  • Expenses management
  • Audit processes
  • Project costing and quoting
  • Document generation from process data
  • Fact finding

Why Professional Services Choose FlowForma

  • It requires no coding skills
  • It empowers process owners to automate processes
  • It follows LEAN principles
  • It supports supply chain delivery management
  • It assists organizations accelerate innovation
  • It provides full process transparency
  • It is a cost-effective solution
  • It represents excellent time to value
  • It maximizes existing SharePoint & Office 365 investments
  • It enables process owners to rapidly build out online processes

Customer Feedback

''Having a one-stop shop that we can go to for a heads-up on a process, where we can see instantly if any action needs to be taken, has been indispensable."

- Dustin Ray, Business Analyst, McKinley Irvin

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