McKinley Irvin using FlowForma BPM for Process Automation

FlowForma®, the leading provider of BPM tools for Microsoft Office 365®, today announced that McKinley Irvin, is using the no code FlowForma BPM tool as an efficient alternative to paperwork and email requests across their payment approval system and employee onboarding processes.

One of the largest divorce and family law firms in the Northwest U.S, McKinley Irvin are highly regarded for their knowledge and deep understanding of the field of family law. As the organization continued to grow, they sought a solution to replace a slow, paper-intensive process. In addition, an email approvals process made tracking proposals very difficult, resulting in employees being diverted from focusing on their clients.

"It’s all about freeing up the ‘brain time’ of our paralegals and attorneys, letting them focus on the complex nature of law, rather than day-to-day tasks that can be so time-consuming,” said Dustin Ray, Business Process Analyst, McKinley Irvin.

The company already had Microsoft SharePoint®, the document-sharing platform, as part of an Office 365® deployment, but was barely using it. With previous experience of InfoPath®, Microsoft’s legacy electronic forms application, Ray felt that a modern alternative that was compatible with SharePoint would be a good fit for the firm. He came across FlowForma BPM and was immediately impressed.

By starting to automate the large amounts of document generation that take place in a legal practice, FlowForma BPM® is providing McKinley Irvin with new efficiencies. The payment flow accesses SharePoint lists in a seamless approval process that saves around one-and-a-half hours per request. The onboarding process saves several hours around each new hire, as all the fields are taken care of automatically in different templates.

“By enabling our people to focus on the legal questions at hand, not on typing documents, we’re seeing cost savings and efficiencies,” commented Dustin Ray, Business Process Analyst, McKinley Irvin. “Having a one-stop shop that we can go to for a heads-up on a process, where we can see instantly if any action needs to be taken, has been indispensable,” he added.

“Once again we are thrilled to see another organization reap the rewards available to them by using our powerful BPM tool. In a short space of time McKinley Irvin have significantly cut down the time taken to complete everyday tasks, and are already planning to bring more processes online with FlowForma BPM. The new-found transparency and efficiencies they are now benefiting from, are being felt throughout the whole organization. Ultimately giving the paralegals and attorneys the freedom to concentrate on what matters most, their clients!” said Neil Young, Chief Executive Officer, FlowForma.

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