Vestergaard Drive Efficiency and Compliance with BPM

FlowForma®, the leading provider of BPM tools for Microsoft Office 365®, today announced that Vestergaard, is using the no code FlowForma BPM tool to increase efficiency and internal compliance across their contract management process.

A global health company dedicated to improving the wellbeing of vulnerable people in developing countries, Vestergaard delivers game-changing solutions that save lives. With no structured workflow to manage a third-party contract lifecycle that spans finance, legal, compliance and sales, mailboxes were full of duplicate attachments, including draft contracts and final contracts. It was difficult to ascertain if all the right actions had been taken or if all the right people were copied.

“It was very difficult to know the status of a particular contract and who had to take action, so there was clearly a need to have a workflow that would make the process more transparent and efficient,” said Sergio Ferraz, Head of Internal Audit and Compliance, Vestergaard.

The company had already tried to introduce a solution using the Microsoft SharePoint® platform as a repository for contracts, but it was too rigid and difficult to customize. Looking to leverage the investment already made in SharePoint, Sergio began looking for another compatible solution. FlowForma BPM came to his attention and immediately impressed him for its potential capabilities.

FlowForma BPM has transformed a complex contract management process into a seamless and transparent workflow process. FlowForma BPM® manages the entire contract request process and serves as a contract repository database. As well as being more efficient, it satisfies the company’s need for a compliant and transparent trail of the contracts and the due diligences done before fully executing them.

“The efficiency it has brought to the operational part of managing a contract has been very important. It made us gain time for sure, but transparency, completeness, and accountability have been the main benefits. It’s a fantastic tool,” added Sergio Ferraz, Head of Internal Audit and Compliance, Vestergaard.

“It gives us great satisfaction to hear about an organization deriving such value and success from our BPM tool, helping them become more efficient and compliant. Vestergaard employees are reaping the benefits from the transparency and flexibility that our product offers, providing much needed visibility throughout their company whilst also driving efficiency. As a result the organization is now operating with the agility and speed that coincides with our vision here at FlowForma, as we continue to seek a world powered by digital business agility.” said Neil Young, Chief Executive Officer, FlowForma.

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