Struggling with Contracts Management? Vestergaard Have Tackled It!

Vestergaard are a global health company dedicated to improving the well being of vulnerable people in developing countries. So, when you’re delivering game-changing solutions that are saving people’s lives, like Vestergaard, the last thing you should be worried about is the inefficiency of your processes!

Unfortunately, in Vestergaard’s pre-FlowForma life, their contracts management was proving to cause significant delays, worries about being fully compliant, along with the pressure of always making sure all the right steps were taken and correct people were in the loop.

Better compliance was top of their priority list, and the ability to document every step in the contract was very important for all involved. This isn’t an easy task when you have no structured workflow and are depending on thousands of internal emails when handling contracts.

Sergio Ferraz, the Head of Internal Audit and Compliance in Vestergaard, decided to tackle the problem and trained himself to use FlowForma BPM. Fast forward a few months, and they had a live automated process that prepares contracts for distributors and agents!

The simple to use no code interface meant that training up employees was quick and easy. At the moment, four different departments work on the contract lifecycle, each with its own 10-step procedures.

’Compared to other tools I’ve used, it’s so flexible that you can literally do anything you want for your business’’ Sergio Ferraz, Head of Internal Audit and Compliance.

FlowForma BPM transformed a complex, time-consuming process into a seamless, transparent workflow, satisfying compliance requirements.

Want to find out more? Read our Vestergaard case study.

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