3 Ways to Overcome User Resistance to BPA Tools

In spite of the many benefits to end users and the organization as a whole, there can still be resistance to the change that new BPA tools brings.

Change is very rarely universally accepted. People prefer comfort zones, even if the existing business processes provide nothing but discomfort.

Here’s some suggestions on how to get even the most change-resistant users on board:


1. Engage early with power users and early adopters

Explain why change is needed and why it is needed now. Get these users involved in defining, analyzing and documenting the business processes you want to implement.

Engage and consult with them when you are prototyping the process. These users can then sell the improvements to the rest of the organization.

As a no-code tool, FlowForma BPA enables organizations to provide process owners and business managers with a self-service BPA tool, empowering the people who know the processes best to prototype, test and deploy online processes with speed (at least 10 times faster than traditional BPA tools)

2. Focus on better tools not ROI

When communicating the change to your employees, the focus should be on giving them better tools to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, rather than the overall ROI for the organization.

FlowForma's Process Automation Tool combines several functions (forms, workflow, document generation and mobile accessibility) into one no-code tool

This single tool seamlessly integrates functions, which increases efficiency of both building solutions and ultimately delivering user acceptance. Learn more about other our business process automation (BPA) FAQs here

3. Provide training to employees

It’s important to be sensitive to the skill levels of all employees and ensure that adequate training is provided. When they see how they can complete tasks quicker and easier, they will be more supportive to change. This will help bring resistance to a manageable level.   

FlowForma offers an array of training courses, which will ensure you become confident in building and implementing processes using FlowForma.

Additionally, by availing of FlowForma's SureStart onboarding program, we'll work alongside you to make sure you get the most of your investment and help you get your projects delivered within a rapid time frame.

Want to see FlowForma in action? Just book a demo with one of our experts. (And why not invite your power users to the demo too? :) )


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3 Ways to Overcome User Resistance to BPA Tools

In spite of the many benefits to end users and the organization as a whole, there ...