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Helping Your Cross-Functional Teams Collaborate

The Collaborative Work Management (CWM) Add-On provides organizations with additional features and functionality to enable cross functional teams to collaborate on strategic initiatives (such as innovation, talent management and digital transformation) in a secure, collaborative and mobile way. 

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Meet Collaborative Work Management

FlowForma Process Automation drives processes through the organization; assigning work, gathering data, issuing communications and measuring progress. FlowForma’s CWM broadens the scope and targets adoption, making collaboration seamless across organizational boundaries.

Virtual teams of disparate resources can be associated with programs of work (initiatives/projects), where each program contains many processes, which may be owned by multiple process owners across the business.

FlowForma Collaborative Work Management provides a macro view, that aggregates all activity related to a program of work, regardless of where the work is carried out. It shows the user a personalized view; so that an individual resource associated with a program can see queues of work specifically related to them, against a dashboard of all program activity.

Of course, just like FlowForma Process Automation, CWM can be configured without any code.

Collaborative Work Management Brochure

FlopwForma - Collaborative Work Management - CWM

Grouping Processes

With FlowForma CWM, you have the ability to group processes into dashboards that can give trend analysis on your processes

FlowForma - Collaborative Work Management Grouping Processes

Work Items Queue

Users can access work item queues to easily view what processes in a process group are assigned to a user and what stage they are at

FlowForma BPM - Business Process Flow Snashots

Discussion Board

Enjoy simple and effective communication with CWM's discussion boards for process groups, allowing you to tag users or processes in messages

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