On the radar - FlowForma

An MWD Advisors Report by Neil Ward-Dutton
October 2018



An MWD Advisors Report: On The Radar - FlowForma

Don't take our word for it! Download the latest 'Technology & Suppliers On the Radar - FlowForma ' report, compiled by the highly respected analyst Neil Ward-Dutton from MWD Advisors.

Neil recently took a free trial of FlowForma's no code Business Process Automation tool for Office 365 and compiled this exclusive report, to share his thoughts on the tool, who he feels will benefit most from using it and the reasons why you should consider it.

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Download This Free Report To Understand:
  • how the FlowForma Process Automation tool works 
  • who Neil feels this no code tool is best suited to
  • why he thinks it's a unique and interesting product
  • why Neil believes you should consider the FlowForma Process Automation tool




Neil-Ward-Dutton---MWD"If you’re looking for a low-cost platform that teams can use to quickly build forms-and-workflow applications then FlowForma Process Automation is definitely worthy of consideration. If your organisation has an existing investment in SharePoint Online and Office 365, FlowForma’s high level of interoperation with
these technologies makes it an obvious choice". 

Neil Ward-Dutton, MVD Advisors