How to Build Productive Business Solutions in SharePoint and Office 365

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A PETRI IT WHITEPAPER: How to Build Productive Business Solutions in Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365

Looking to build productive business solutions in Microsoft SharePoint® and Office 365®? If yes, we recommend you read the latest whitepaper from Petri IT, written by the highly respected Microsoft SharePoint MVP (Microsoft Valued Professional), Shane Young. 

In this exclusive whitepaper, Shane outlines some of the tools available to help you get your job done smarter and faster. Using real world challenges, this whitepaper reviews productivity tools from SharePoint Designer and PowerApps, to Microsoft Forms and FlowForma BPM. 

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  • when and where Shane Young recommends using certain solutions
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  • why Shane recommends taking a 30 day free trial of the 3-in-1 FlowForma BPM tool for Office 365 to deploy solutions in days instead of weeks, without any coding




"Things you should be considering, in my opinion, are how are you going to handle hybrid, is the solution you are going to build based on technology that is going to be around, and can your users actually use it without a PhD? If you agree that this is what you should be considering, then I encourage you to try a free trial of  FlowForma Process Automation today." 
Shane Young, Microsoft SharePoint MVP

Take Shane's advice and sign up for a 14 day free trial of FlowForma Process Automation, there's nothing to lose! 

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