Now Tech: Rapid App Delivery,
Q1 2019

Forrester’s Overview of 41 Rapid-App-Delivery Providers



Forrester Report: "Now Tech: Rapid App Delivery, Q1 2019"

Digital Transformation demands automation of numerous processes, which is why Digital Process Automation software is a vital step in a Digital Transformation journey.

Digital Process Automation for wide deployments (DPA-wide) and low-code development platforms let application development and delivery (AD&D) pros and their business partners automate and inform customer operations — quickly.

Download this report to gain an insight into Forrester’s analysis of 41 Rapid-App-Delivery Providers, to help businesses understand the vendor landscape, as they look to embrace Digital Process Automation software.

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Key Takeaways from this Report:

  • Improve Automation With Rapid App Delivery:
    Digital businesses employ deep process automation to win, serve, and retain customers. DPA-wide and low-code development platforms are growing as choices for both AD&D pros and business developers to build this automation. Low-code development platforms address many use cases; DPA-wide platforms double down on business process automation.

  • Select Vendors Based On Size And Segment:
    The DPA-wide, low-code for AD&D pros, and low-code for business developers segments often overlap but are distinguished by the developers they target (pros versus citizens), the use cases they focus on (general-purpose versus digital processes versus data-centric), and their strength for server-side versus client-side development. Vendors vary widely in size and global scope.

  • Open Your Dev Platform Portfolio — And Propel Digital Business:
    Most digital transformation initiatives are vastly under-scoped and snagged on software-delivery barriers. Opening the software strategy to DPA-wide and low-code platforms can release these constraints. With effective governance, these platforms can deliver the deep automation at the heart of digital business.
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