A Customer Insight Into Process Digitization

Every day (and sometimes night) in my role as a Solutions Consultant, I get to talk to professionals across all industries, worldwide.

From this I have noticed that they all have one thing in common - they always remark that there are simply never enough hours in one day!

Most of these professionals who I speak with are employed by companies that have either started or are well on the way with their digital transformation journey. In order for digital transformation to occur it demands the automation of hundreds of processes, which is why digital process automation tools are an essential step in the journey.

Areas for Improvements

As I gather a business’ requirements around process digitization, I will always ask what a general ‘day in the life’ is like for employees that engage with those processes.

For this example, I have asked a Operations Manager to highlight the impact and benefits they have seen from digitizing their everyday processes, in order to save time and instead turn their attention towards more pressing tasks.

Firstly though, we must carry out some basic research in order to identify the bottlenecks and productivity issues, that can be improved by bringing processes online. Thus, ultimately outlining how an employee’s day can be eroded when there are process inefficiencies and determining how they can be improved by using process automation software.

So, below are some sample tasks which can take up several hours of a Operations Manager's day. Do any of these sound painfully familiar?

  • filling out paper forms or excel worksheets
  • scanning and emailing paper forms for approval
  • emailing excel worksheets for approval
  • searching for filed and missing paper forms
  • chasing resources to revise error filled forms
  • searching for latest version of excel worksheets in email trails
  • chasing up late approvals
  • resolving error filled forms and excel worksheets
  • providing reports from excel worksheets

Freeing Up Time

By bringing the above processes online, automating these processes results in the foremost important impact - freeing up precious time for all employeesFor example, I think everyone can attest for the amount of time it takes to get a basic paper form signed before it moves to the next step. This of course relies on a form being completed correctly (and hopefully not lost) which can further slow up the process if not properly filled out.

This is where the award winning FlowForma® Process Automation tool for Microsoft Office 365 comes to the fore. Built for business users, the 100% no code tool means process owners require little training and don't need any IT skills to automate business processes, instead only needing a knowledge of their businesses needs!

FlowForma® Process Automation can solve other operation tasks both simple and complex such as:

  • performance reviews
  • expenses management
  • capital expenditure approvals
  • IT change management
  • contracts management 

Having a one stop shop to monitor what stage a process is at, providing greater transparency and efficiency is the golden ticket for business users across Operations, HR, Finance and IT. By automating paper-based, email and excel processes means you will finally get back some of those lost hours of yours!

Looking to learn more about FlowForma Process Automation? View our recent e-Diary and learn how you can build and test an entire process in just 4 hours!

Why not take a free 30 day trial of our tool and experience for yourself the time saving ability process automation has to offer both you and your business.

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