Accelerating Digital Transformation In Construction

It's been a whirlwind 18 months!

To say the world is a very different place to what we once knew would be an understatement.

I think this reflects itself from conversations I've had recently, in particular with personnel working in the construction sector. It's clear that there has been a significant shift in the priorities of construction firms.

Two years ago when asking the question; “do you have a digital transformation strategy?”, the response was often; “Yes, we have a 5 year roadmap.” Now however, the response to this question has drastically changed since COVID arrived at our doorstep to; “Yes, and we needed to have this rolled out yesterday!”

Common Digital Transformation Challenges

In a sector that's constantly confronted with short timelines and tight budgets, below are just some of the many challenges construction firms face when looking to implement a digital process solution, in order to further their organizations digital transformation strategy. Here's some I've recently come across:

  • Lack of time

    "Do we have the time to roll this out?"

    With multiple business goals, objectives and projects underway at the same time, it's easy for priorities to shift on a regular basis and the digital transformation can take a back seat.


  • Lack of IT Resources

    Security and compliance are two of the biggest challenges faced with digital transformations in the construction sector. This can often slow down the rollout of new technology’s.


  • Lack of expertise

    Do we have the skillset to roll out this new technology? Do we have a team in place? Do we need to be able to code to roll out this new technology?

Digital Process Acceleration

Fully digitalizing processes will dramatically help the impact COVID has had on the construction sector. That is why we are excited to have launched our new construction accelerator to help speed up the process of which digital workflows are rolled out.

FlowForma’s construction process accelerator offers users a wide variety of ready-to-use, fully customizable, process templates for digitizing common construction processes. Our construction accelerator include Field Change Request, Concrete Pre-Pour Check Sheet, Labour Requisition, Materials Requisition, Hot Work Permit, Safety Observation and more.

Video: FlowForma's Construction Accelerator

As the FlowForma Process Automation tool is a 100% no code solution, these templates can be easily customized and edited by the business user, with little IT skills required - just knowledge of the process! As a result, our customers in the construction sector are digitizing with speed and agility to meet the pressing deadlines and budgets they are faced with weekly.

Build Your Process Foundations

Our award-winning, 3-in-1 (forms, workflow and doc gen) process automation tool is praised by construction firms for its easy adoption, BIM compliance support and rapid time to value. Businesspeople love using the tool as it’s intuitive and requires only knowledge of the process in mind. 

Read our case studies to learn how Maverick Construction and the CVB Joint Venture building the East section of the Tideway Tunnel in London, have both benefitted from mobile processes on remote sites, ensuring compliance and continuous improvement resulting in better visibility.

Develop a base understanding base of how FlowForma Process Automation can empower your business users with a free 14 day trial and start building your digital transformation framework.

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This blog post was written by rebecca 

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