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Aaron Fulton

The Million Pound Leak: How The NHS Can Save £M's By Digitising Processes

By Aaron Fulton Posted on: November 14, 2022

As Heraclitus says the only constant in life is change and we have seen lots of that in government..

HETT 2022: Demystifying Process Automation In Healthcare

By Aaron Fulton Posted on: October 28, 2022

Now that the dust has settled on the Healthcare Excellence Through Technology Show (HETT)..

Speed Up Healthcare Processes With Clinical Trial Automation

By Aaron Fulton Posted on: August 25, 2022

Clinical trials are essential to our healthcare industry. They expedite new ways to prevent, treat..

Moving to The Cloud: An Imperative for Successful Process Automation in Healthcare

By Aaron Fulton Posted on: July 7, 2022

Recent cyber events within the Healthcare space, have accelerated the race from on-premise to cloud..

Changing The Way Education Works

By Aaron Fulton Posted on: January 25, 2022

Managing a complex ecosystem of administrative functions, involving multiple internal (core staff..

Changing The Way Healthcare Works

By Aaron Fulton Posted on: December 16, 2021

Research analyst David Maguire, from UK thinktank the King’s Fund, recently told the Financial..

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