Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

Like most buyers, we understand you are probably looking for an alternative solution when researching Kissflow. That's why we have compiled this handy checklist that compares five of the leading process automation providers with Kissflow.

Before we get started with the top five list let me introduce Kissflow. Kissflow is a cloud-based Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow management software that allows business users to create automated business applications using an intuitive interface.

Kissflow Limitations and the Need for Alternatives

Like other vendors in this space Kissflow claims that their tool is designed so that it's easy for non-technical people to create automated processes however some limitations such as difficulty in reusing tasks; limited flexibility in the user interface; and the learning curve experienced when transitioning from paper-based processes is food for thought and enough to encourage you to consider no code and low code alternatives when researching your ideal process automation tool.

Why You Need a Kissflow Alternative for Business Processes

If you are looking for a Digital Process Automation (DPA) Kissflow alternative look no further than this comprehensive list. There are several Kissflow competitors, so let's look at them individually and weigh the pros and cons.

When researching any software tool to complement your technology stack it is a good idea to be armed with all the key information. So, get your checklist ready and uncover alternatives to Kissflow one by one.

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Key Features to Look for in Kissflow Alternatives

Workflow Management Functionality for Efficient Business Operations

  • Customizable workflows to fit unique business needs

  • Automated task assignments and notifications for streamlined processes

  • Real-time reporting features for data-driven insights

Process Automation Capabilities for Streamlined Workflows

  • No-code or low-code platform for easy automation

  • Integration with existing systems and legacy systems

  • Ability to automate complex business processes and tasks 

Top Kissflow Alternatives and Competitors

1. FlowForma

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

FlowForma in A Nutshell

FlowForma Process Automation is a leading feature-rich no code, cloud-based, all-in-one tool offering forms, workflow, document generation, and analytics.

An advantage of FlowForma Process Automation is that no programming skills are required as the tool is 100% no code. Anyone in the workforce can rapidly digitalize a process by using one of the pre-built templates or start from scratch.

Process creators can add process steps, questions to collect data, and business rules to carry out automated actions based on business needs. Steps in any process can be assigned to different individuals. Assigned users will receive an email, prompting them to complete a step in the process. The user enters data and attaches documents to evidence that the task is done. FlowForma creates an automatic audit trail so that you can track progress, measure performance and provide evidence of work being done to auditors.

Another attractive feature is FlowForma Engage which allows you to expand your reach even more empowering customers, contractors, and other external users to complete steps by submitting data and documents. All data and documents are stored securely in your Microsoft 365 environment.

In addition to forms, workflow, document generation and analytics, FlowForma offers the following features:

  • Mobile App, to complete work while away from the office, including ability to work off-line
  • Engage, allowing external users to participate
  • Governance, keeping everyone working safely and minimizing administration
  • Integrations, to allow seamless data exchange with multiple applications while executing a process
  • Compliance, extensive audit and access control
  • InfoPath Migration

Get introduced to FlowForma Process Automation

Why FlowForma?

  • 100% no code user-friendly platform for easy business process automation

  • Integrate with existing or legacy systems

  • FlowForma Engage (engage customers and suppliers in your digital business processes)

  • FlowForma SureStart onboarding (offering technical assistance)

  • Customizable workflows to fit specific business needs

  • Automate tasks, assignments and notifications for streamlined processes

  • Real-time reporting features for data-driven insights


Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

FlowForma Pricing

FlowForma has a simple, no hidden costs affordable pricing structure.

With a pricing model as low as £5/per user/per month (based on a minimum user number) customers enjoy a wide range of features as part of their subscription.

FlowForma Pros

FlowForma is a no code tool. When compared to the Kissflow low code platform G2 reviews indicate that FlowForma scores higher for ongoing product support, feature updates, and their roadmap.

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

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Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024“Once people start using a product like FlowForma, the thought of going back to the legacy approach is a big motivator to digitalize. The stories go back to our senior leadership team which helps to get everyone on the same page and demonstrate the impact across the entire enterprise”.

- Cameron Hyndman, National Digital Engineering Lead, Downer.


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2. Appian

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

Appian in A Nutshell

Appian historically was known as an Enterprise level Business Process Management (BPM) vendor but today pitches itself as a low-code application platform.

Online G2 reviews of Appian as a Kissflow competitor indicate that Kissflow scores higher in ‘ease of use’ and ‘ease to administer’ but overall, reviewers like the ‘ease of setup’ and prefer doing business with Appian.

Appian Key Features

  • Low Code
  • Process Automation
  • Process Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Fabric
  • Total Experience
  • Case Management Studio

Appian Pricing

Appian offers Standard, Advanced, and Premium pricing options. Pricing is per user, per month, per app and includes basic support. While their pricing web page highlights what is included in each option the actual cost is available on request.

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

Appian Pros & Cons

A recent Forrester Wave report, Digital Process Automation Software, Q4 2023 commended Appian for its leadership and long-term technical vision but cited pricing clarity, transparency, and flexibility as the main consistent drawbacks.

A Gartner Peer Insights side-by-side review shows both are neck and neck scoring 4.5/5 each as their overall rating. Appian is complimented on the platform’s agility and flexibility on one hand but another review highlights that reporting needs to improve.

A G2 direct comparison (June 2024) highlights the following ratings corroborating Forrester on product direction.

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

3. Microsoft Power Apps

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

Microsoft Power Apps in A Nutshell

Power Apps is a low code development platform and one of the parts of Microsoft's Power Platform. The suite of tools allows citizen developers to solve their business problems by building their own applications. With the drag and drop interface you can create your own business application.

G2 reviews of Kissflow versus Power Apps indicate that reviewers found Kissflow easier to use and do business with overall however preferred the ease of setup with Microsoft Power Apps, and administration.

Overall reviewers felt Kissflow met the needs of the business better than Microsoft Power Apps. Kissflow also received better review in quality of support however Microsoft Power Apps won the race when it came to feature updates and roadmaps.

Powers Apps & Power Automate

Microsoft Power Apps is used as a design tool for forms, while Microsoft Power Automate is an automation and integration tool. They are separate products but can be combined.

Although marketed as low code tools, citizen developers are challenged in meeting the demand for business process automation and finding it difficult to build solutions themselves using Power Apps and Power Automate.

The user interfaces are appealing but the tools have limitations in that you often get to a certain stage and then realize that coding experience is needed and a lot of free time to learn the nuances of each product to make them talk to each other and meet the needs of the business.

Power Apps Key Features

  • Low Code Development

  • Integration with Other Microsoft Tools

  • Access to Common Data Service

  • Mobile-first Design

  • AI Builder

Power Apps Pricing

Power Apps is sold as Power Apps Premium. Pricing is $20 per user, per month.

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

Power Apps Pros & Cons

The Forrester Wave report, Digital Process Automation Software, Q4 2023 attributed the growth of Power Apps to it's excellent sourcing and license power. It commented on the scale being wider than deeper and the focus being on low-code and citizen development as opposed to case management and orchestration.

Other comments reference the lack of professional services relationships and complicated, non-transparent pricing, and references to challenges once you move beyond the basics including Microsoft tools not working well together due to overlapping features.

The report concludes by saying it is a good fit for small teams, needing a general-use low code DPA platform.

Gartner Peer Insights validate many of the pros and cons that Forrester lists. 'Part of the 365 offering' and 'Extremely helpful to build small scale apps and automate processes' were included in the positive reviews with cost, licensing and 'can get complex' comments listed often as the drawbacks.

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

4. Nintex

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

Nintex in A Nutshell

Nintex offers a process management and automation software platform that improves how organizations work. Their tool allows you to visually manage, automate and optimize business processes and workflows.

Nintex Key Features

  • Process identification

  • Process management

  • Build process apps

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Workflow automation

  • Document automation

  • Insights

Nintex Pricing

There are 3 different pricing models available for Nintex. These include:

  • Nintex Pro starting at $25,000/per year

  • Nintex Premium starting at $50,000/year

  • Nintex Custom - a personalized option available on request

Nintex Pros and Cons

As with any software there are lots of reviews on the Nintex solution. In a Gartner Peer Review in June 2024 Nintex receives similar scores out of 5 to Kissflow:

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

The Forrester Wave report, Digital Process Automation Software, Q4 2023, claims that Nintex remains strong for wide deployments but needs work for deep use cases. They score highly for their partner ecosystem and adoption however their platform is criticized for lack of capability to address sophisticated use cases. Reference customers commend their system reliability but also comment that Governance (e.g. access permissions for various process applications) needs work. 

5. BizAgi

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

BizAgi in A Nutshell

BizAgi is a low code platform for Process Automation. They deliver process automation and enterprise apps that connect business operations and boost productivity.

BizAgi Key Features

  • Low Code

  • Intuitive to use

  • Unify people and systems

  • Decision making enabled with AI Apps

  • Cloud-native, global access and reliability

BizAgi Pricing

BizAgi offers consumption-based pricing and is available upon request.

BizAgi Pros and Cons

You will find many pros and cons online when doing a side-by-side comparison of BizAgi and Kissflow. In a Capterra review in June 2024 both providers have similar scores out of 5 to Kissflow:

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

The Forrester Wave report, Digital Process Automation Software, Q4 2023, comments that BizAgi ranks high for DPA but partners for intelligent automation breadth. It continues to mention that its cloud pricing is transparent, and tiered, based on BizAgi metrics that tie to Azure consumption and scaling. Their new roadmap includes AI features. Governance is also highlighted in the report saying it can be configured but would benefit from better packaging.

FlowForma: the leading No Code Kissflow Alternative

Every organization wants to eliminate repetitive tasks, improve efficiency and optimize business processes but their digital transformation plan is heavily influenced by the number of internal processes, business users, and skillsets not to mention budgets. Choosing the right workflow automation tool to boost productivity needs careful consideration.

Consider your business’s specific needs and goals and evaluate the features and pricing of other tools. You will want flexibility so that it meets your requirements as the organization grows.

If budgets are tight you will be looking for an affordable user-friendly no code platform with no hidden costs and customer support that aligns with the maturity of your IT resources. 'No code' versus 'Low Code' may be the preferred route if you are looking to scale fast and your team have no/limited coding skills.

Integration to other custom applications and governance are two important features so ensure that your chosen platform offers these capabilities.

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

The need to make data-driven decisions may mean you require a strong built-in analytics capability.

Top 5 Kissflow Alternative Options in 2024

Consider FlowForma to meet all your business’s workflow management needs. It ticks all the business process automation boxes and much more.

If you are looking to scale fast with a no code solution, schedule your demo to get started.

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Paul Stone, Product Evangelist

With almost 30 years’ experience in the IT industry Paul is a highly accomplished digital leader who is the go-to product expert from both a business and technical perspective. Paul works closely with FlowForma’s global clients supporting them in the delivery of FlowForma’s Process Automation tool.

Paul Stone, Product Evangelist

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