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FlowForma & AIIM Webinar Recording 'Don't Just Analyze Your Processes' - Sept 26, 2017

Read this blog to access a recording of our webinar with AIIM on 26.09.2017.

If you missed our webinar entitled ''Don’t Just Analyze Your Processes'', featuring Bob Lavirree (AIIM's Vice President and Chief Analyst of Market Intelligence), please scroll down to access the recording. Thank you to everyone who attended, if you have any questions following the webinar, please contact us at info@flowforma.com

Businesses have come to realize the importance of analyzing their processes as the key to progression. According to recent AIIM research, by embracing BPM practices, one-third of organizations have decreased their review and approval cycles, over 60% have improved routing to and between individuals, and 42% have experienced greater organizational agility and routing between processes. This is progress, and it’s all made possible by analyzing processes and identifying areas for improvement!

But, do we have the right people analyzing our processes? Do we know even know HOW to analyze them?

This ongoing effort needs to be made at the user level where the work is done and the process is best understood. There’s a major advantage and benefit of empowering your workforce to be the change-enablers, delivering the greatest benefit for the business. 

In this webinar, AIIM’s Chief Analyst, Bob Larrivee and FlowForma CEO, Neil Young, outlined some best practices for process improvement, including:

  • bringing the right stakeholders together to identify the quick wins and set longer-term improvement opportunities

  • implementing technology to assist in initial and ongoing process routing

  • enhancing information sharing and collaboration for better decision making

  • empowering users to create and streamline processes easily

Learn how to analyze your processes today!

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