Making SureStart Work For You

We understand that starting to use a new software might seem daunting at first, not knowing exactly where to begin!

This is why we created our SureStart program, designed to reduce time spent implementing initial processes from 6-9 months down to five days, making onboarding as smooth as possible for our new customers. 

Our five-day SureStart package is typically spread over a two to three-month period, starting at requirements gathering, all the way through to go-live. In the last six months, we have gone live with more than ten of our customers. We are agile in our approach and we listen to your requirements to get you live quickly.


As a team of Business Analysts, our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible, working together to ensure your expectations are met. While on this onboarding journey, we will iron out your requirements, help you build your business process, and get it live as soon as possible. During this time, we work closely with you to make sure the process performs exactly as you require.

We recently began our SureStart program with a multinational customer where the requirement was to build a Promotional Request Process. The CAPEX process would be used to gain approval for expenditure on events designed to promote the company.

Depending on the level of expenditure required, this process had different levels of sign off by managers all the way to the CEO, e.g if the expenditure was over €10,000, there were six different approvals required, up to CEO level, breaking the process down into a variety of segments. As a result, one of the requirements was for the online form to auto-calculate the overall cost inclusive of VAT, a function that paper-based form simply couldn’t provide. This has significantly reduced the time spent making these calculations for the customer.

Overall, building the whole process from start to finish, was spread over a two-month period. Since go-live, the customer was also able to create another complex process without any additional help.

If you too would like to kick start your business processes and avail of the SureStart program, simply fill out the Contact Us form.  

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