Why Every CIO Should Adopt A No-Code Technology Stack

The role of the CIO has dramatically changed within the last five years.

They now have a seat at the top table, connecting with fellow C-Level types to assist them implementing their strategy goals. They have moved from an operationally/cost focused based role to one that can greatly impact the customer experience aspects of the organization.

With this shift they now face distinctly different challenges at their desks, compared to five years ago:

  • Time to Value – You, as CIO, are now connected fully to the demands of the customers in your organization. Great progress. But this is now increasing the demands on your team for more ‘Time to Value’ solutions across all these customer initiatives. You need to now deliver more with the same resources.

  • Digital Transformation Demands – you now have a tech savvy workforce coming through.This new workforce doesn’t understand why you still print out contracts and sign them? Why do we receive invoices in the post? Why is my performance review not electronic so I can read on my iPAD? All simple problems described but if you amplify them across an organisation this is creating an ever-increasing source of demands.

  • The ‘Coder Crisis’ – okay, as CIO, I have my list of projects to work on. I’m going to prioritize with the other business leaders and start scheduling but hang on – where did all our software developers go? “well a new multi-national software company opened their offices around the corner, they are offering them double their salaries and they’ll dry clean their clothes for free.” I jest, of course, but the demand is greater than ever for coders, especially good experienced ones – this demand will only increase. You need other options.

Assisting IT

I heard a phrase recently ‘the consumerization of IT’ – which I think is very apt and applicable to the no-code technology movement. This movement is all about bringing technology into the hands of the business to configure and implement digital business solutions, with IT providing the guardrails.  Essentially, it enables IT to partner with the business, which is becoming more important as this CIO role shifts.

No Code technology stacks will not /should not replace existing proven technology stacks, but it should augment/integrate/add to what is their already, helping solve the three key challenges described above. Worth serious consideration don’t you think?

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