Process Simplification - It's Not As Difficult As You Think..

I joined FlowForma three weeks ago as the new head of sales, having previous experience of working in the business software industry. Since my arrival I have been taken aback - in a positive way - at the agility of FlowForma BPM® as an agile development platform for business users!

FlowForma is the leading provider of no code Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow tools for Microsoft® Office 365® and last year debuted as a 'Strong Performer' in The Forrester New Wave™.

The Impact:

I am astonished at how quickly FlowForma BPM has evolved to support customers, beyond the traditional back office processes, such as leave requests and travel approval. But now it is emerging to support customers on a daily basis in mission critical processes such as:


  • Nurse revalidation - A national health service organization
  • Police Vetting - One of Europe’s leading amateur sports organizations
  • Product Development - One of the world’s largest drinks company
  • Incident Management - One of the world's leading fresh produce providers
  • Mechanical Plant Change - A global oil and energy producer
  • Airline Leasing - A leading international law firm

The Benefits:

From visiting the FlowForma customer base, I see both the rationale and benefits of FlowForma BPM as a no-code BPM platform:

  • Faster value realization: The timeframe to go live with a process is far quicker than a traditional option, of building requirements from an existing system, or custom-development by IT with the ability to develop the process without traditional coding.

  • Business logic: You move to the perfect world of having the line of business, process expert at the forefront of designing and developing the process than IT.

  • Agility: The ability to change and reconfigure easily through an existing process or workflow using FlowForma BPM, without any coding, is quite significant. It allows business process owners tremendous agility, and the ability to respond to regulatory, internal requirements and new processes.

I will update you in the near future as I continue my digital journey with you!

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