3 Digital Process Solutions to Become Mainstream in 2018

At this time of year, when everyone predicts the future of technology (well only 12 months ahead). I’m going to stick to what I know best and talk about the trends I’m seeing right now and what I believe will become more prevalent as the year progresses, in the digital landscape.

With the application of chat bots, machine learning and robotics now generating tangible value to big business, let’s look at what digital business processes I predict to go mainstream (i.e. ones which we can all afford to implement!) this year.




  1. Back-Office Processes: Customer Connected 
    Linking internal back-office processes with customers is starting to gain momentum. Let’s start with Finance – could you free-up more time within your operations, by setting up a chat-bot to process queries in relation to payments due for suppliers? What about supply-chain enhancements? – chat-bot interactions to process returns, asking the right questions depending on the product type. There’s also huge scope to streamline and improve customer success by connecting into the back-office.

  2. Innovation Processes - Everywhere
    Every company seems to be innovating – well at least we’re all talking about it – implementing all the right processes around this is highly valuable, if done right. Innovation isn’t just for big business anymore – now we can all afford to manage innovation properly and reap the rewards. Why not enable simple methods to capture ideas from your customers/prospects – leveraging simple external forms/chat bots? Then feed these ideas into your structured internal process flows – provide communications/rewards back to your customers, through open innovation methods and you’re up and running and innovating!  

  3. Recruitment Decisions Improved by Machine Learning
    In the very near future, I believe recruitment decisions will be aided by machine learning across the board. I don’t mean personality tests – every organization is different – what works for one business, may not work for another. It’s more about building up your own history/intelligence of successful candidates and how they performed in interviews/exercises/exams, to new candidates coming in the door. For  your HR Managers to access this information and trend it against potential new hires, at the click of a button, has huge potential to improve your hiring success.

So that’s my predictions for the digital processes I see becoming mainstream in 2018. I hope you got some ideas from this blog and I wish you all the best for 2018.

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