Why Digitizing Complex Processes Is Not Complex!

'Digital transformation' is no longer just a buzzword that is bounced around in boardrooms. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are either accelerating the automation of their processes, or starting from scratch and are frantically trying to catch up!

Employees and third parties now need to be able to engage with business processes both remotely and on-site, using a collaborative platform that provides the same experience for everyone. Many of these processes are complex in nature and they can take many shapes, both structured and unstructured. These range from bespoke legacy solutions that can no longer be maintained to current solutions that are too difficult to customize, Excel worksheets, paper forms, and email trails.

The Common Complexity Challenge

When an organization takes on process automation solutions, they may have done so in the hope of empowering their process owners to deliver complex processes. It makes sense, given that the people that use and own the process are the ones that are in the best position to unravel it and re-build it. However, the reality can be very different.

If the chosen platform is not 100% no-code, it’s a steep learning curve for process owners. Even if the platform is 100% no-code, if it is not a single process building interface, it requires process owners to knit workflow and form components together, which makes the process more challenging to build and maintain down the line.

What typically happens is that it lands on a desk in the IT department. It can take months for IT to deliver it, and there can be a disconnect between process owners’ expectations and the solution that IT returns. This causes end user adoption problems and prolongs the project.

To avoid that ‘reality’, process owners need the confidence to build processes and IT need the appropriate level of governance. This in turn, frees up IT to focus on any integration requirements.

The Solution

FlowForma Process Automation for Office 365 is a 100% no-code process automation platform, that uses a single interface which combines forms, workflow, and document generation capabilities. The FlowForma Governance add-on provides IT with a framework to empower process owners to create new solutions, while giving IT the power to act as gatekeeper over production environments, minimizing operational risk, while achieving the maximum benefit of a 100% no-code platform deployed across the organization.

Why not reach out to one of our product experts for a more in-depth discussion about how FlowForma Process Automation can automate your organization’s complex processes.

'Digitizing complex processes does not need to be complex.'

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