FlowForma Process Automation​:​​​​​ The Future is the Present

According to all Tier 1 business consultancy firms, the global requirement for business process management is changing dramatically.

Organizations who want to either grow efficiently or just become better organized, want to adopt a Process Automation solution that they have control over. Today’s business environment demands flexibility, as business processes need to evolve regularly and become more dynamic to suit.

So how self-sufficient can an organization get? Can they actually modify their different processes to reflect new business rules or can they just rename labels? Is it possible to avoid having to call in a developer to program the changes, big or small? Some suppliers, whose BPM offering does require specialized input for any change, have started to describe the technical involvement as ‘low-code’, which sounds like progress but alas is still coding.

FlowForma Process Automation is truly self service, where rules functionality is based upon user logic and selections. Forms are automatically generated from the steps and questions in a process and who should own each step. A specific focus of the software is the integrity of the data exchanged between steps, to minimize the need for checking or simple user error, saving precious time and reducing workloads. It sits on Microsoft SharePoint, utilizing all of its collaborative features and automatically enabling an organization to become structured in its use of SharePoint.

FlowForma Process Automation does this by facilitating the movement and editing of documents while also having its own Document Generation tool, built with an internal rules engine that transforms a template document into a dynamic logic based output.

It’s now fully integrated with Office 365 boasting a slimmed down user interface, light enough to perform on any operating system. The unanimous verdict from business process professionals is that the future for Process Automation is a tool that can be controlled fully in house.

Well it’s not the future in FlowForma, it’s the present.


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