Top 3 Benefits of 'No Code' Application Platforms

Read this blog to understand the 3 benefits of 'no code' application platforms...

In today's technology landscape, there are increasing discussions around low-code application development platforms and the benefits they can provide for your business.

While many of these benefits can be true and realized, what if you take this approach one leap further and move to No Code platforms? You may say "Oh yeah, heard this promise before but it didn't deliver...".

Advancements in technologies are now making this a reality (and in this world of turnkey cloud platforms the best advice I can give is to trial these products vigorously to make sure they can before you buy!).

So, what are the benefits you could achieve with "no code" platforms? 

1. Project Delivery Success

Forget waterfall delivery. To be honest, forget Agile scrums and sprints! This is all about Test and Learn with these technologies, you can build out your online solutions quickly, play it back to the business teams, test, refine, learn and keep turning this wheel until you go live.

This is guaranteed success - no more long specifications where everyone debates about change requests, projects become delayed and maybe get canned because the business has changed since you originally defined the solution!

2. Time To Deliver

These tools, to really work, need to be aimed at the business analysts / consultants of this world. No more large project teams. You need analytically minded individuals whose primary focus is on solving the business problem. They can face off to the business, understand their requirements and play it back to them quickly within these tool sets.

This greatly reduces the time to deliver the solution while also greatly reducing your project costs - not bad, eh?

3. Optimize Your Workforce

In a traditional software development delivery mode, we have program managers, project managers, business analysts, software developers and testers. The likelihood in most organizations today, is that these resources are:
a) overloaded with project work;
b) contracted in to meet internal demands from the business.

What if you could optimize your workforce and reduce your external spend by leveraging these "no code" platforms? You're now enabling your "business skilled" resources to deliver projects without a dependency on your software development skillset. This also solves another problem which is technical - recruitment. Our organization, like a lot of others, struggle to fill software development roles to the right standard locally [we have to go further afield] - we can always source good Business Analysts though - does this approach help solve a problem for you also?

It’s easy for the traditionalists out there to be dismissive of these technologies - "It's limited in what it can do...", "It's not scalable..." (they are, but that's for another blog :) ). The reality of it is, these platforms are hard to ignore based on what you can achieve in a relative short space of time.

So go ahead and try - "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained!"

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