Would you Take a Risk to Find your Perfect Match?

As we all know today is Valentine’s Day and lots of us are looking for love and that perfect date. Sometimes the options you find can be exciting and sometimes disappointing. If you were looking for love in the world of process you may find your options to be quite contrasting.


Love BPM’ offers lots of promises and looks good but you know it’s going to be a long, time-consuming investment, some of it won’t be that enjoyable, and it’s certainly not going to be a whirlwind romance.

On the other hand, ‘No Code Process’ looks like the perfect match – the almost too good to be true match – nonetheless you find yourself intrigued by what’s on offer, after all who doesn’t want the fairy tale ending? So to satisfy your curiosity you decide to ask the 'no code' option on a date – after all it’s not exactly a blind date as you were able to google them and find a lot of information about them online – a lot of revealing information such as:

  • low-code platforms are proven fast and flexible
  • more than half of respondents realized cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and security
  • process automation is a crucial use case for low-code
  • most low-code applications are used enterprise wide
  • nearly all users indicated that low-code address their top application delivery challenges


You’re really interested. Odd request, but would they be willing to do a trial run, see if everyone is compatible. They are, and you will find out whether you're a fit in under 14 days. All you have to do is give them some proper attention during that time. This may seem quite a short time in whether to access if it is love, but hey, you've been looking for a while and you know your requirements. After the trial it turns out you found love and you are a perfect fit, some things are not too good to be true and can be real. It was worth the risk – are you willing to take a chance to find the perfect match?

More and more enterprises are adopting low-code development platforms to speed software delivery. Beyond the need for speed, the deeper benefits and challenges of low-code platforms are also coming into view – read the Forrester Report: Customers Illuminate the Benefits and Challenges of Low-Code Development Platforms to find out more….

Request a 14 Day Trial 

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